Mater Dei: Loving abusers and cover-up after all these years.

As I stated in my previous post, little has changed in the Diocese of Orange since 2005, when church officials settled sex abuse and cover-up lawsuits with 87 child victims.

I’d thought I share a little Facebook proof with you.

Now I will admit, I have been sitting on this information for a while. The reasons, like this post, were personal.

I know, love, and respect many of the people who were at this spring’s Mater Dei High School Grand Reunion (people like my father, who were pretty disgusted to see what I am about to show you here). My dad is almost 80, and going to his high school reunions are an annual treat (yes, they have them almost every year). I didn’t want to ruin it for him and his friends by ranting right away.

But after today’s article in the Orange County Register, I couldn’t keep it quiet anymore.

Exhibit #1

Two-time accused former faculty member enjoys the reunion

Two-time sued faculty member attends school Grand Reunion
Two-time accused and sued vice-principal John Merino attends Mater Dei HS Grand Reunion

Yep, THAT John Merino. Two sex abuse cases against him settled in 2005. he was the guy who, along with former principal and 25-time accused predator Michael Harris, took a “special graduating senior boy” to NYC every year to see Broadway musicals. And shared a room.

Even St. Mary’s and All Angeles School and the Macy Awards have distanced themselves from the disgraced educator. But the school where the alleged abuse happened? Nope.

By the way, current school president Patrick Murphy was at the reunion, stumping for cash. Murphy was school president during the sex abuse lawsuit scandal of 2003-2005 and was principal when Merino was “let go” from the school in 2001. So no one can claim ignorance.

Exhibit #2

Principal who covered up abuse says Mass at Grand Reunion

John Weling says Mass. Joelle gets mad.
John Weling says Mass. Joelle gets mad.

This is where things get personal.

Sure, Fr. John Weling is a graduate of Mater Dei and does have the right to go to the reunion. But what about my dad? Doesn’t he have the right to enjoy a reunion without having to encounter the man who personally covered up his daughter’s sexual abuse?

And it wasn’t just my abuse he covered up. Weling was principal right after serial predator Michael Harris. Weiling had to play a lot of clean up …

Maybe they should try to PRETEND to care

Again, it’s about optics. There are A LOT of sex abuse victims from Mater Dei. But for Mater Dei and the Diocese of Orange, it’s all about collecting cash.

That’s a shame. A very dangerous shame.



9 thoughts on “Mater Dei: Loving abusers and cover-up after all these years.

  1. I graduated from Mater Dei in 77. Cross country coach CR Richardson also was exposed as a predator in those days. Another friend of mine knew a priest name Ted Llanos. He invited us to meet with him and he would take us out for dinner and a movie. He took us to see Carrie, odd choice. Anyways That night I had to use the restroom at the Denny’s and while I was in the stall an eyeball was looking in on me. I tried to kick the door out at the person peeking in. I came back to the table told what happened and my friends looked puzzled. Father Ted was the 1st priest to be exposed in all of this and he committed suicide over it. My one friend who knew Ted became involved with a female teacher at Mater Dei. She left her husband a judge for my buddy shortly after he graduated. They were still together years later. Schools need policies that keep educators accountable and should never be left alone with a student. Overnight outings should have parents coming along too.

  2. 2 words COACH ANDRADE. yes, jeff Andrade I’m talking to you. remember the 1990’s? having sex with a freshman girl for four years, while your wife was pregnant. I will always remember my high school lunch hours. all of us watching you and CR while you “sold hot dogs and pretzels” out to us. we all knew what you were doing with her and that you used her lunch time as a means to groom her. lets not talk about the girl that you were sleeping with that graduated in 1993. the male staff that protected you were the same men that tried to expel me for saying the “f” word in the deans office. exposure=justice! YOU CAN RUN ANDRADE BUT YOU CAN NEVER HIDE

  3. I call it Stranger Rape, Date Rape and Family Rape. We are horrified at Stranger Rape, have come to know and prosecute Date Rape. But we still turn way from Family Rape. Family as in parents, relatives, educators, church officials – those we consider protectors – those we consider family – those we as children and even young adults TRUST. Rape has always been and will always be until we teach our boys and men differently. Yes I said TEACH not just prosecute after the fact. Teach them to honor themselves and their counterpart – girls and women. And we can’t teach until we take FAMILY RAPE out of the closet into the open, until we acknowledge it and give it out dedicated attention.

  4. While I look forward to the day when there is no sexual abuse of children at school or at church or at home, I, like many shown at the celebratory supper for Mater Dei in the article, believe that Catholic Schools are good for kids. Our most cherished institutions, every single one, can be as flawed as the individuals who populate them. Nevertheless, they also are great. So I thank you for pointing out the flaws. I will be more attentive, but I would also send my kid to a school as well regarded as that one is in a second.

    1. Really???? You would take a chance with your child knowing that schools like this protect and accept clergy and lay worker pedophiles to have access to minors.. are you kidding?

    2. So you’ll be sending your child to a rape factory?

      Geez, not wonder it keeps happening with parents like this leading fresh victims to the slaughter.

      Just know when it happens, it’s not your child’s fault, you are as complicit as the monster doing the molesting.

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