Hawaii bishop starts the finger pointing game

Here’s a sad, sad story from today’s Honolulu Star Advertiser. Honolulu’s Bishop Clarence Silva blames victims for not coming forward to him, his predecessors for covering things up, enemies of the church who “capitalize on this very real problem,” proponents of gay marriage, pro-life advocates, and just about everyone else.

Really? Since when do the gay marriage and pro-life movements have ANYTHING to do with child sex abuse and cover up?

My modest proposal? Name the perps, open the files, disclose allegations, turn ALL evidence over to the cops and quit blaming victims. That’s pretty easy, right?

Because the Hawaii civil window will force him to do it soon enough …



6 thoughts on “Hawaii bishop starts the finger pointing game

  1. Bishop Ferrario got his start at St, Joseph’s Seminary in Mountain View. He had a history there with seminarians before he landed in Hawaii. We have still only seen the tip of this iceberg.


  2. Utterly, pathetically, predictable tactic from a representative of a truly evil institution (and ‘evil’ is not a word I ever, ever use lightly or glibly).

  3. This is the same bishop who sent his lobby type person who gets paid to shoot down legislation to abolish the statutes of limitations child sexual abuse and who along with the govvernor and attorney general managed to go against the wishes of the legislators and veto the bill that passed unanimmously to the governor.. I’ll never forget watching them collude and neither will all the victims/ survvors activists lawyers and gov agencys who watched it all happen thru my reports and thru the disappointment of those who passed it (legislators).. church and state. in bed with each other. statute of damien outside the state capitol (how did that get there?)

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