Fr. Michael Kelly is so NOT innocent …

that he skipped the country, just to make sure that the cops never find him.

I hope his supporters (like the ones who tried to tamper with the jury) finally realized that he just flipped them the bird.

2 thoughts on “Fr. Michael Kelly is so NOT innocent …

  1. Thanks for your coverage of this!! New victims have come forward since the trial; the Sheriff is investigating. Crossing my fingers.

  2. After reading Michael Kelly’s letter, I cannot help but reflect on how many clergy sex abuse victims, their families and mandated reporters–will NEVER have the chance to flee the evil backlash that Church attorneys and leaders throughout the world continue to criminally orchestrate, with intent to silence and intimidate others from speaking out about the heinous crimes that destroyed lives and families for decades.

    Kelly should feel blessed that he has a family to return to–that loves him unconditionally. Many survivors of clergy sex abuse, their families and punished Whistleblowers that did NOTHING wrong, have been abandoned by their families, in what I believe to be a RICO criminal enterprise, orchestrated with intent to silence and destroy anyone who dares to speak truth and/or seek justice.

    As the wife of a former Catholic high school teacher, who participated in a law enforcement investigation that STOPPED a repeat Columbine HS shooting tragedy, I can personally attest under penalty of perjury that no child, adult, employee or family will ever be safe from sex crimes, violence and/or civil rights violations that are guaranteed in any moral and decent society. The Catholic Church and the attorneys that represent it in thousands of courts of law throughout the world, are laughing all the way to the bank, day after day, while the most wounded in the world are forced to edure the wrath of Catholic Church powers and corrupt attorneys that have no conscience. The orchestrated attacks far surpass any “Woman Scorned” scenario….

    “Church Scorned” now tops today’s terrorist crimes, disguised as Separation of Church and State, pastoral privilege and whatever else Pope Benedict, Cardinal William Levada, Cardinal Roger Mahoney can pull out of their HATS, to protect themselves and the financial lifestyle they have grown accustom to.

    We can only pray that someone in the United States will see what is going on, before it is too late! All children and families deserve protections, without exceptions.

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