Documentary: The twisted tale of Jay Ram


He was Gary Winnick. He was Wandering Eagle. He was Jay Ram. But through it all, he was a predator who used sex as power and destroyed dozens of children in his wake.

I’ve been a part of numerous documentaries about the cover-up of the sexual abuse of children, but no saga has touched my soul like the story of the adopted and fostered sons of Jay Ram. All they wanted was a home, and instead, the system failed them.

Fortunately, Hawaii’s civil window gave the boys their best and only chance to expose the man who hurt them so deeply. Thank you to Maile Shimabukuro for her continued fight for victim-friendly laws in Hawaii.

Vice News chased Ram around the world—from Chico, CA, to Hilo, to Saipan and finally to Tampa, where he is living under another assumed name, surrounded by men who say they are still his “sons.”

The 29-minute film is a must-watch.



1 thought on “Documentary: The twisted tale of Jay Ram

  1. This sick puke needs to be taken out of the food chain. How has the system failed so many boys for over two decades??? If they fail to destroy him in his lifetime, I am sure God has a place to send him for eternity!

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