Jay Ram accused of abuse by four more “sons”

Four more boys accuse farmer of abuse

Predator adopted and fostered boys in CA and HI

Five of his “sons” now say that he molested them

Victims beg social services, public for help and information

Group runs ad begging “If you saw, suspected or suffered abuse, speak up

Jay Ram - now accused of sexual abuse by five of his adopted and foster children
Jay Ram – now accused of sexual abuse by five of his adopted and foster children


Holding photos of themselves at the age they were abused, victims of child sex abuse will:

— Announce four new child sex abuse and cover up lawsuits against a former Hakalau farmer, and

–Urge social services officials to post and distribute information about Jay Ram, urging social workers to report any information or evidence they may have.


Tuesday, October 22 at 11 am


Outside of the East Hawaii (Hilo) Office of Child and Family Service, 1045A Kilauea Avenue (at Mohouli) in Hilo

(Social workers with the Office of Child and Family Service worked with some of the boys fostered and/or adopted by Jay Ram)


Members of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, the nation’s largest support group for men and women who were sexually abused in religious and institutional settings, including a California woman who is the group’s volunteer Western Regional Director


Four more victims of a former Hakalau farmer are filing lawsuits saying that he sexually abused them after fostering and/or adopting them.

The first victim charged Ram with abuse in March, saying that Ram used him and other boys as “forced child labor” to develop his land and kept them as virtual prisoners on his farm

Ram, who is also known as Gary Winnick, is also accused of sexually abusing other boys that he fostered and adopted in California and Hawaii. He is believed to be India.

The lawsuits say that Ram used the boys as forced physical labor and that he also sexually abused them. The victims say that Ram threatened them to keep them silent, deprived them of food and refused to let them to engage in regular social activities with their peers out of fear that the boys would report to authorities. Although Ram has been investigated by the police in the past, the victims say that they were threatened with violence and abuse to keep them quiet. The boys were abused between the ages of 8 and 17 during the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s.

Ram was involved in agricultural research with the University of Hawaii, Hilo.

Members of SNAP are reaching out to the social services community in Hilo hoping to finding enough evidence to help law enforcement reopen a criminal investigation against Ram. Many of the boys Ram fostered and adopted were under supervision of social workers in Hilo, who may have felt helpless at the time to do anything about allegations of abuse.

The victims in this case was able to come forward and expose Ram in the civil courts because of a landmark new state law that allows all Hawaii victims of child sexual abuse to come forward and seek justice in the courts, no matter when the abuse occurred.

13 thoughts on “Jay Ram accused of abuse by four more “sons”

  1. I don’t understand why Vice News didn’t update us on this story. I can only imagine that he was found guilty but nothing happened to this man due to the length of time that had lapsed. The fact that he was found guilty, I hope that was enough for the victims. I also hope that he is no longer able to be a foster parent.

  2. Is there a recent picture of this guy? At the time of the documentary, he lived in Florida. Only wonder, because I’ve met a guy that age, who looks like the guy in the video, and talks about moving here from Florida. He also wants to be every young man’s best friend, and has invited my son over to his place. Fortunately my son and I both have a sensitive creepy – dar. Would like to see a better picture to confirm, and do some research.

  3. I watched this documentary on vice, but I can’t find anything to see what has gone on with this monster, can you please let me no if you can ASAP anything that you know as I am really routing for these men and hoping that they get justice for what that monster put them through iv googled jay ramm but can’t find anything about what went on at trial so anything you know would be a bonus.

      1. Did you find anything out? This guy CANNOT be free in society. As long as he is free, he will rape. For decades he’s enjoyed his life as an all you can eat pedophile buffet. These victims delivered to him on a silver platter! Then when they age out he gets more fresh meat accompanied with a check from the state and respect from his community. This is an atrocity and those working for Child Services that delivered multiple children to this monster should be investigated. Was Ram paying some of these people to continue getting preferential placement or were they that OBTUSE they didn’t see these children were in hell?? Either way they shouldn’t still be working in this capacity, they aren’t suited for this line of work. If I was with the Department of Child and Family Services and worked with this man for many years, placing several children in his care, I would never forgive myself. I would resign and then spend the rest of my life trying not to put a gun in my mouth everytime I thought about handing a child that entrusted me to find them safe placement was summarily handed to a heathen!!

        When is this man going to see his day in court?!?

      2. I too watched the Vice show. Please, someone tell me that this monster was held accountable in some way for the countless lives that he ruined. He’s a human pig. I hope he goes to jail and is taken advantaged of repeatedly and that some huge guy named “Bubba” “humps his rump” repeatedly every night with the lights go out.

          1. What did he recieve? Why no article on that? Just pray it made the victims feel a little bit better. Pray with you.

      3. Did you contact the attorney? I’m just hoping they got this guy. It just breaks my heart for all the boys he took advantage of/ruined their lives and angers me that he somehow continues to get away with it.
        Have you heard anything at all about this case?

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