11 thoughts on “SB 131 is vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown

  1. Jerry brown waited to last day like the chicken shit he is! Jerry brown you are big pile of chicken shit and hope I get the pleasure to meet you one day so I can you know what I think of you!

  2. To Jerry Brown
    I’m very disappointed you vetoed SB 131. I wanted you to hear from one of the victims of the catholic church, me. My life has been one f**k up after another because I carry this stone in me, in my heart, in my soul, put there by fr. Lynn Caffoe’s c**k in the church rectory, in my home, in a rear room of the church during a f**king mass. I refused to acknowledge that Id been molested, even as it wrecked my life for 40 years. The shame and hate I feel for myself has destroyed me over time, degenerating my ability to handle relationships, the simplest of stresses, or normal life, wrecking me. I function like an emotional retard. I’ve been scraping up every penny I can borrow to pay for therapy and I cant afford it. Yes, I was going to sue. I wanted the catholic church, who is responsible for what was done to me, to pay for my therapy and maybe a trailer I can go off in to die. Maybe if they had to pay enough times, they would take it to heart and change their ways, BUT THEY HAVEN’T CHANGED YET. There is no statute of limitations on the damage done to me until I’m dead. So, in summary, you’re an asshole and your god doesn’t exist to forgive you. Thanks.

  3. It is extremely disappointing that Governor Brown made a decision to veto SB 131 and I am shocked that the Catholic Church continues to publicly tell the world that so much has changed during the past 10 years, because of the $1.2 billion in monies paid to settle abuse lawsuits filed after the 2003 civil window. Sure, the Church was forced to implement child protection safeguards now in place and evil crimes continue to be disclosed based on the Church’s FINANCIAL RESOURCES to legally stonewall in courts of law for 10 plus years.

    Governor Brown’s reasons for the veto are based on “statutes of limitation”…. well, as a non-attorney, the RICO statute is ten years. Who and/or what is responsible for holding religious institutions accountable for heinous crimes against children and families via civil and criminal RICO statutes?

    Thanks to all who continue their public outcry to precious children will be safer than so many others in the past!

  4. I agree with you I was molested by a catholic orient enlisted in the navy…rank of captin at twenty nine palms marine corps base in CA. The marine corps hushed it gave him an article 32 and let him resign….his name is Roberto A. De Otero ! The Catholic Church knew he was a molester he did it to others in Hawaii! They sent that SOB to me to be molested and have my entire life screwed over by WHAT the Catholic Church did me and what he did to me ! the Catholic Church let a child molester continue to molest little boys ! GOD DMAN THEM!

  5. St. Jerry Brown, patron saint of pedophiles, insists on equal rights for all pedophiles. Another victory for pedophiles over victims sponsored by the Catholic church and St. Jerry the Jesuit. I’m not surprised that a man with no children (who constatly posts ridiculous pictures of his little dog) ends up as the champion of pedophiles. Hundreds of pedophiles benefited from the Governor’s veto, but not one victim of child abuse will see justice. Anybody who sides with pedophiles over victims of child abuse is morally corrupt by any measure … political or religious. Justice? NO. Lobbying dollars? You bet. Let’s do this again soon. I’m sure he is now well funded for his next grasp for political power.

    I prefer the views of Jesus over the view of Governor Brown and the Pharisees on matters of child abuse.

    I think St. Luke said it best:”It were better for him if a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should be the downfall of a single one of these little ones.”

  6. I too am totally devastated not only by the Governors veto but his weak kneed statement quoting the church’s “. With the passage of time, evidence may be lost or disposed of, memories fade and the witnesses move away.

    Evidence wasn’t lost, it was intentionally destroyed. We have plenty of proof on that count. The victims memories didn’t fade and the only witnesses who moved were the priests when things got too hot.

    Here we have irrefutable evidence. as shown so often in the documents pried from the talons of church bishops and their lawyers in Los Angeles, that they had been covering up those crimes for decades and actively stonewalled the victims until the SOL ran out. NOt only are they again denied their day in court, the church officials have the audacity to to claim the bill was unfair to victims.

    Evidence wasn’t lost, it was intentionally destroyed. We have plenty of proof on that count. The victims memories didn’t fade and the only witnesses who moved were the priests when things got too hot.


  7. Jerry brown you can burn in hell! You took a pay off from the Catholic Church….if I ever see you I’m spitting in your face! Now I want SB 131 to be reformatted to include state schools to be sued as well…then when it comes to your desk you should have no reason not to sign it!!!!!! You have no ideas how I feel about you jerry brown! Words cannot describe how much i feel for you!

  8. So am I! Gov Brown is right about fairness — but fairness TO WHOM?

    Even with a new pope at the helm, The Catholic church continues to ignore victims and their needs. The Catholic church does not hold its bishops responsible for their misdeeds. Plaintiffs’ attorneys, select media, support groups (like SNAP) and the victims themselves have been standing up to an increasingly arrogant hierarchy.

    It it’s FAIRNESS the gov is after, he should see to it that NO organization, the Roman Catholic church included, take advantage of ANY statute of limitation when it has a pattern of covering up its own misdeeds. And in this regard, nobody does coverup quite like the RC bishops — at least until they got caught!

  9. have clicked on the statement link several times but it says : THIS PAGE CAN NOT BE DISPLAYED.. hope you are ok.. church and state equals evil.. end of story.

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