Resource Wednesday

The biggest question category I get from people is “Where can I get help with …?”

So let’s tackle three big ones:

Q: Where can I find an attorney who is an expert on child sexual abuse civil litigaion?

A; Talk to a survivor who has gone through the civil justice process. You can also do research on other lawsuits against your perpetrator (if there are any) and see who the attorneys who handled those cases are. Finally, you can go to the

(a part of the National Center for Victims of Crime). They have an excellent referral service that can give you the names of qualified, experienced attorneys who handle child sexual abuse civil cases.

Q: I am a crime victim and the person who hurt me is being criminally prosecuted by local law enforcement. The perpetrator has a lawyer and the STATE is represented by the prosecutor. But I don’t have anyone who’s only job is to protect my legal interests. Who can I call? What if I can’t afford it?

A: The BEST place to start is the National Crime Victims Law Institute. Start with their Victims Rights QUICK TOOL, a nifty, easy to use tool that tells you about your rights as a crime victim and how to protect them. They can also match you with a pro bono attorney who is ready to help you through the process.

Q: I am a crime victim and I don’t even know where to start in the process. It’s really overwhelming. Is there somewhere I can go or call to help me figure out my next steps?

A: Yes! The National Center for Victims of Crime has an excellent referral center called Victim Connect. It’s a referral helpline where crime victims can learn about their rights and options confidentially and compassionately —no matter where you are in the United States. Check it out.

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