Victims to Hawai’i Bishop: Make all predators’ names public

The first step to transparency is being, well … transparent. And when your former bishop is a three-time-accused (that we know of) predator, that makes transparency even more important. Victims to Hawai’i Bishop: Make all predators’ names public Thirty other dioceses have exposed accused clerics Seattle list included abuser in hiding in Honolulu Former bishop […]

Hawaii Civil Window update

  60 sex abuse cases 29 settlements 1 stingy insurance company     Things have been pretty quiet in Hawaii. And because of a new lawsuit, we now know why. The Diocese of Honolulu today sued one of its insurers, First Insurance Insurance of Hawaii, for refusing “to honor commitments made in liability policies it […]

The Best Revolutions Begin With One Small Action

This blog has long rallied against the problem of the cover-up of sexual abuse in public schools. Unfortunately, the victims in these cases—when they are ready and able to come forward and get accountability— usually don’t have criminal and civil rights to expose the abuse. As a result, victims and the public are seldom, if […]

Big News: Hawaii Civil Window for child sex abuse victims EXTENDED; Includes public schools

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie just signed a law that extends Hawaii’s two-year civil window for sex abuse victims. But there’s more: victims in public schools are NOW eligible for accountability under the new law. For the first time, sex offenders in public schools and the people who covered up for them—including powerful unions and other gov’t […]

Documentary: The twisted tale of Jay Ram

  He was Gary Winnick. He was Wandering Eagle. He was Jay Ram. But through it all, he was a predator who used sex as power and destroyed dozens of children in his wake. I’ve been a part of numerous documentaries about the cover-up of the sexual abuse of children, but no saga has touched […]