Cops vs. Coakley: You be the judge

Let’s play a game of “Who to believe …”

In 2012, Fr. Jose Alexis Davila plead guilty to unlawful sexual touching.

We learned this week that Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley put Davila back in a parish.

Let’s see what Coakley had to say:

While Father Davila’s actions with an adult parishioner five years ago occurred in the presence of others at his office in California, he understands that those actions were perceived as inappropriate. He accepted the consequences of his lapse in judgment.

Let’s see what San Diego prosecutors had to say in 2012 about the crime (and remember … Davila ended up with a GUILTY PLEA):

Skeels told Commissioner Corinne Miesfeld that the defendant is accused of touching the victim in three areas against her will on Dec. 30. He touched her buttocks, put his finger in her vagina and touched her left breast, the prosecutor alleged.

Police said the alleged assault happened at Davila’s home in Southcrest while the two were alone. The defendant turned himself in two days later.

How stupid does Coakley think we are?



3 thoughts on “Cops vs. Coakley: You be the judge

  1. I mentioned on the other posts about the Argentine “political persecution” his family was alleged to have suffered recently. Does anyone reading this know anything about conditions in Argentina in recent years? If there are no conditions leading to political refugee status, then the statement about his family being “politically persecuted” would be yet another lie in the diocese’s statement to pile on top of all the other lies.

  2. Bob, why the BS language ? I understand your symbolism but you still are. a,supposed Christian man that should be imitating Christ in” all ways.” There are no days off for that gift given to you. It’s not about you but All about HIS SAVING GRACE. None of course, given to these evil deceivers! I believe they got your point! GOD BLESS ALL YOU DO!

  3. BS has been linked to Bob Schwiderski
    BS has been linked to bullshit
    BS is linked here in to Bishop Speak — every time they open their mouths bullshit comes out. Bob Schwiderski

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