UPDATED: CA SUPREME COURT: LA Archdiocese must turn over priest files

*** Update: The CA Supreme Court ruled that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles must turn over the files. Deadline is immediate.


A huge decision is expected today from the California Supreme Court regarding the confidential abuse and cover-up files of 25 known offending priests. The priests were a part of the 2007 $660 million LA Archdiocese settlement with more than 500 victims of child sexual abuse.

The archdiocese and Cardinal Mahony agreed to turn over the files as a part of the settlement. They have spent the past 5 years fighting that agreement.

If victims win the decision, the trial court order requires files┬áto be released immediately. Kudos to victims’ attorney Anthony DeMarco, who has continued fighting for the non-monetary demands of victims – demands far more important than the money. The archdiocese showed its hand – they were more than happy to pay the settlement, but when it came to real accountability, they have played hardball for five years in the hopes of going back on their legal agreement.

Here are the names of the priests whose files must be turned over if victims win the decision:

  1. Michael Buckley
  2. Santiago Tamayo
  3. Kevin Barmasse
  4. Angel Cruces
  5. Donald Patrick Roemer
  6. Peter Garcia
  7. Cristobal Garcia
  8. Lawrence Lovell
  9. John Salazar
  10. Matthew Sprouffske
  11. Lynn Cafoe
  12. Michael Baker
  13. John Dawson
  14. Gerald Fessard
  15. Michael Wempe
  16. Carlos Rene Rodriguez
  17. James Ford
  18. Richard Allen Henry
  19. Michael Nocita
  20. Luis Jaramillo
  21. George Neville Rucker
  22. George Miller
  23. Eleuterio Ramos
  24. Benjamin Hawkes
  25. Fidencio Silva

More info coming.

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