Adios, Br. Thing!

Thomas Thing, a former Franciscan brother, was recently fired from his job as the student activities director at a LA college when details of two child sex abuse lawsuits against him became public.

University of the West in Rosemead also got access to more than 500 pages of Thing’s personnel file (released as a part of the litigation) which showed that Thing had a long history of troublesome behavior. He even admitted to using his “power relationship” to sexually assault a college student while he was working at USD.

In light of Jerry Sandusky, it’s good to see a school being somewhat proactive to ensure the safety of its students. What intrigues and disappoints me is why other schools, such as Adrian College in Adrian Michigan, still employ admitted child molesters. Those documents are here.

3 thoughts on “Adios, Br. Thing!

  1. Iam 83 yrs young today. My 1st cousin was a Notre Dame, Holy Cross Brother in the late 50s and left the order because there was so much brother and priest. sexual abuse going going on in the dorm at night where he was taking care of ” “the boy’s” who. needed help at Boysville in Michigan..He was also awakened and groped. He told me why he left. I wo never believe him..I did in 2001. But he had died, way too young of a broken heart over the church he thought he loved. He questioned everything about himself.

    We must realize this is. a place where people who are not sexually mature in mind or body. find refuge..It has become a safe haven for them and the hierarchy understands this and ALLOWS IT! Our CHILDREN ARE NOT SAFE! THIS IS NOT THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST!

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