Survivors: I need your insight

Friends and colleagues: I am compiling data for a research project that is going to do a deep-dive into insights about the survivor community.

The first phase is a five-minute survey for SURVIVORS OF SEXUAL ABUSE IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. You need not be abused by a priest – I am looking for survivors of deacons, nuns, teachers, employees, volunteers … any abuser who was protected by the institutional structure of the Catholic Church.

What is the survey like?

The survey is anonymous (even if you have not yet disclosed or come forward, you can still participate). It is short (takes less than five minutes to complete). It does not ask about the details of the abuse. It does not ask any questions that may jeopardize a current or planned lawsuit. The survey is comprised of opinion and objective questions. There are no “triggering” questions.

Why should you participate?

I am compiling a body of data that I will be publishing in White Papers/ebook format. I believe that the survivors’ community is poorly understood—and that well-meaning academics, journalists, and advocates operate under a series of assumptions that may or may not be accurate.

This is the first survey in a series. Other surveys will have more specific and thematic targets and will include broader audiences (Boy Scout survivors, familial abuse survivors, etc.).

How do you participate?

Follow this link. I will not know who you are and the anonymity of participants is protected.

Why is this survey important?

The more we (survivors, the media, the public) know about the survivors community, the more we can provide help and support. In addition, I believe that the results can help in the broader child safety movement.


If you are not a survivor of abuse and would like to review the questions before recommending the survey to survivors, please email me at jcasteix (at) gmail (dot) com.

1 thought on “Survivors: I need your insight

  1. This is deep. This Catholic Church type of sexual abuse does not apply to me, but thank you for offering your time to those in need.

    I think I sexually abused someone else while I was only a child myself (teenager).

    Thank you for letting me get that off of my chest.

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