Hawaii civil window update, part II: Kamehameha Schools get slammed


I wasn’t joking when I said it was a big day for the Hawaii civil window for victims of child sexual abuse.




First, we found out that the Diocese of Honolulu is suing its insurer, exposing the fact there are 60 sex abuse lawsuits against the diocese, 29 of which have been settled.

Now, we have learned that Hawaii’s sex abuse scandal goes deep into the heart of one of its most beloved institutions:

More than 26 alleged victims of a long-time psychiatrist at the Kamehameha Schools have filed sex abuse lawsuits against the school.

According to the lawsuit, “Kamehameha Schools has known about the allegations for the last 25 years but failed to respond or investigate them.”

The school, whose mission is “to create educational opportunities in perpetuity to improve the capability and well-being of people of Hawaiian ancestry,” has more than 5400 students and a $11 billion (yes, with a “b”) endowment.

That’s 11 billion reasons to cover up for a sex-abusing psychiatrist, n’est-ce pas?


1 thought on “Hawaii civil window update, part II: Kamehameha Schools get slammed

  1. Thank you for your diligence in speaking out to those who can’t speak out about their horrid sexual abuse. I get sick when I think about what they endured without anyone to support him or her. Then I realize that part of what you do brings to light the ugly truth that they have been betrayed by our society because it’s sexual abuse. Some of the students in our midst are the Homeless Youth. Some have been thrown out of their homes because they dared to tell families they were sexually abused by priests or ministers, or teachers or …Or they have run away from abuse in the home or because they know if they tell of the sexual abuse by a family friend or priest or teacher. Society has had a vested interest in dismissing clergy sexual abuse. It’s coming out!! Thank you for keeping on Joelle!

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