MN Abbey: Prep School/University campus has housed abusers for decades

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Earlier today, attorneys for sex abuse victims by priests and monks at a prestigious Benedictine high school, university, and abbey released hundreds of pages of documents that show a decades-long cover-up of the sexual abuse of children and university students.

It’s important to note that many of the credibly accused priests still live on the  St. John’s Abbey campus, where the college and boarding schools are (including a priest who admitted to having abusing more than 200 sexual partners).

The boarding school enrolls children as young as the sixth grade.

The Benedictine Order, who owns the campus, claims that the men are under strict safety plans and have no contact with students.

I say that’s bunk. Check out the interactive map. These men are adults and are not handcuffed to their chairs. They have had “safety plans” in the past that were totally ineffective. These predators can go where they want, when they want … even into the 9th grade dorm.

Day students can enroll as young as the sixth grade. Tuition ranges from $5600 (for 6th graders) and $15,600 (for high school). (I’m assuming that perpetrators are a free benefit)

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be writing about some of the most egregious stories the documents tell. They go from Minnesota to Missouri to all the way to the Vatican.

In the meantime, you can read all of the documents here.

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3 thoughts on “MN Abbey: Prep School/University campus has housed abusers for decades

  1. I was abused by Fr. Roger Lott, a member of SaCleatus told me he would be confined to his cell. Sometime later, a reporter called me and said he had been advised that Fr. Roger was going into Cullman to rehab alone. I went down to Cullman with the reporter and observed Fr. Roger at the hospital. I felt like the child again, so intimidated, so humiliated! We followed Fr. Roger back to Saint Bernard, making sure he didn’t make any more stops.

    Fr. Roger remained at the Abbey until his death many years later. Father Roger was on the Prep School Board until I complained to the Abbot.

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