The victims’ movement doesn’t discriminate

Bishops are very quick divert attention from their role in the cover-up of sex abuse by pointing fingers at public schools, where there is another, very real child sex abuse crisis.

But why haven’t the bishops helped to publicly fund or support any legislation that helps victims in public schools? Why haven’t they spoken out against the unions, who have put millions of dollars into defeating legislation that would protect children in public schools?

And why do they try and divide the victims’ movement by pitting survivors against each other?

It’s simple: they don’t care about stopping abuse. It’s just lip service. They only care about silencing victims—all victims, no matter the abuser. The bishops will do everything to keep the lid on sex abuse in public schools, because once you start peeling the layers of the onion …





1 thought on “The victims’ movement doesn’t discriminate

  1. Since more Catholic children attend public schools than Catholic schools it makes sense for state bishop’s conferences to commit significant funds and publicity effort towards meaningful efforts to protect children in public schools.

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