Polanski needs to shut his trap

Roman Polanski “blame[s] birth control pills for ‘masculinising’ women.”

From AFP:

Asked by a reporter how his views of women had changed over time, the filmmaker said he thought feminism and advances in contraception had blurred the distinctions between the sexes.

“I think that now offering flowers to a lady becomes indecent, that’s how I feel about it,” he told a news conference after a well-received screening of his film.

“I think to level the genders — it’s purely idiotic. I think it’s a result… of progress in medicine. I think that the Pill has changed greatly the woman of our times, ‘masculinising’ her — how would you say it?” he said, looking to his cast for a prompt.

He added: “I think that it chases away the romance from our lives and that’s a great pity.”

Oh yeah, because drugging a 13-year-old girl, raping her, and fleeing the country is SOOOO romantic.


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