A Modest Proposal for the Boy Scouts (and others)

Some of the Boy Scouts of America “perversion files” are going to be posted online next week. The documents – in which all victims’ names will be redacted – will outline the more than 80-year history of sex abuse and cover-up in the Boy Scouts.


The list of “ineligible” volunteers – men who had allegedly abused young Scouts – is already posted. The leadership of the Scouts knew that these adults were predators, yet didn’t call the cops, didn’t warn parents, and didn’t follow up to ensure that these predators didn’t volunteer in other troops.

The list has 1900 NAMES and is 138 PAGES LONG. You can read it here.

On to my proposal: Disband the Scouts

It’s the same thing that I think should happen to Orange County’s All American Boys Chorus. The chorus was founded in 1970 by pedophile Richard Coughlin (a predator priest sent to Orange County from the Boston Archdiocese, where he molested numerous boys in Massachusetts and New Hampshire). In his 23-year history with the choir, Coughlin (public records show) abused at least 9 All American Boys Chorus members. I personally know seven more Coughlin victims who could never come forward because of lapsed statues of limitations. Coughlin was not the only predator who worked at the AABC.

The Boy Scouts, like the All American Boys Chorus, (AABC) MUST be disbanded. All of the good work of Eagle Scouts cannot make up for the wanton sex abuse of one boy, let alone a history of sex abuse and cover-up that ravaged countless children across the country.

I can anticipate the argument: “But Joelle, that’s in the past. Look at all of the good things the Scouts are doing now.”

Hogwash. If it were your son who was abused in the Scouts (with full knowledge of Scout officials), I believe you would agree with me.

Or what if your son were abused in the All American Boys Chorus, and then committed suicide do the shame and pain of this abuse?

How many boys committed suicide because of the abuse they endured in the Scouts? We will never know.

If your foundation is one of crime, abuse, cover-up and the sexual molestation of innocent boys, you LACK foundation. Disband and make a positive difference for change. But don’t tell me that the Scouts “are different now,” or you run your pack differently. Because, as I just said, if your founding principles and history are rotten … rotten your group shall remain.

Or else, why would the Boy Scouts launch a legal battle against victims?

If it weren’t for the whole “sovereign nation” thing, I would propose the same for the Vatican. But that’s not so modest.

Finally: Kudos to attorney Timothy Kosnoff, whose team compiled the list on behalf of their clients who were victimized in Boy Scouts. Apparently, this list is only the tip of the iceberg.

4 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal for the Boy Scouts (and others)

  1. Where is Father Coughlin? Is he dead? Does anyone know? I know one of his victims and he has a right to know.

  2. From public court records, it appears that the attorney representing the All American Boys Choir in the Orange County Superior Court civil case was Peter Callahan, Esq., the same attorney who has led the Diocese of Orange in over $110 million in sex abuse lawsuits and one of the St. Thomas More Society’s most infamous “Attorney of the Year” award recipients. Peter Callahan, Esq. was also honored by Pope Benedict in May 2009 for his service to the Church. WOW…. THIS IS SICK STUFF!

  3. No religious and/or non-profit institution and its employees should have a free pass to sexually abuse any child or adult, while hiding behind freedom of religion or some type of twisted version of non-profit service.

    Most tragic is when the prosecutors in Orange County, California and throughout the world, play politics for self-serving financial and public image gain. Roger Alan Giese sexually abused minor children during the time he was working with the All American Boys Choir… yes, DA Rackauckas filed charges against him but obviously, there was so many court delays and stalling tactics during the criminal proceeding, Giese ESCAPED accountability thus far and is currently wanted by the FBI. Who takes responsibility for the damages that Giese has and will continue because law enforcement and prosecutors played POLITICS and relaxed too much…. this is a public safety crisis and happens not only in the OC but throughout the world.

    In my opinion, ANY religious or non-profit institution, i.e., The All American Boys Choir, the Boy Scouts, and religious institutions that VIOLATE the civil rights of children should have their tax exempt status revoked IMMEDIATELY. Those is authority to make change remain politically correct in their eyes, dodging the truths involving failures to protect God’s precious children.

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