It’s time for change

Many of you may have seen posts about All Survivors Day yesterday.     Now what? It’s time for change.  It’s time for action. The past two years have been a whirlwind of news about child sexual assault and cover-ups. The scandal is being exposed everywhere—churches, sports, camps, organizations, public and private schools. If you think […]

Joelle said WHAT?

Joelle yacks about a lot of stuff in a lot more places than just this blog. So, for those of you who can’t get enough  … The San Jose Mercury News interviewed me about J. Patrick Foley, one of the priests in “the San Diego Eight” list. The Pacific Daily News asked me about more […]

UPDATED 5/18: PA State Grand Jury Investigates Six Catholic Dioceses: What you need to know

UPDATED 5/24 PA’s Catholic Dioceses receive copies of 884-page report. Public release slated for June. PA’s Catholic Dioceses have said they “won’t block the release” of the Grand Jury report. Bishop says that the report contains information that is “difficult to hear.”   UPDATED 5/9 Bishop Trautman Smells Blood in the Water – His Own […]

#MeToo: Making a Movement

Yesterday, I was a featured speaker at UCI Law School’s series on the #MeToo movement. Our discussion: Victims of child sexual abuse and sexual assault have been empowered to speak out about what happened to us. But what do we do to change the systemic problem in our institutions that made this abuse and cover-up […]

A note on predatory grooming

“The realization that I had used, willingly and unwillingly, my charm for the wrong reasons.” This was a quote from Joseph L. Bishop. He has admitted to “acting inappropriately” (read: sexually assaulting) numerous women during his career in the LDS church. It was the use of the word CHARM that got me. He still, at […]

Closed for whom?

From the Associated Press: [The] Catholic Church is concerned that the [Michigan] statute of limitations bill could “open up other things that have been closed.” Other things? Things like abuse and cover-up? And these things have been closed? I don’t think so. Certainly not for the victims, who are still suffering. Not for the predators, […]

Will married priests solve the problem? Wife-beating priest case gives us sneak peek

Kill the celibacy requirement, kill the scandal? Hardly. The Catholic clergy sex abuse cover-up scandal is not totally unique. It’s an institutional cover-up, just like the institutional cover-up with Larry Nassar in US Gymnastics, the recent scandal in USA Swimming, the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal, the scandal in LAUSD, and smaller scandals in private, religious, and public institutions […]

ICYMI – USA Swimming has a scandal on its hands

Last week, The Orange County Register published an excellent two-part series on the sex abuse cover-up scandal inside of USA Swimming. Some of horrific facts reporter Scott M. Reid unearthed: • Top USA Swimming executives, board members, top officials and coaches acknowledge in the documents that they were aware of sexually predatory coaches for years, […]

My own journey

It’s time to talk. Those of you who have followed my blog may have noticed that it was dark for much of the fall. There were some good reasons for this. I am on the faculty at the UCI School of Law this semester, co-teaching a course on how to use the legislative process to […]