LAUSD Finds 600 Cases of Possible Abuse

From The Daily Breeze:

Superintendent John Deasy of the LA Unified School District “told principals at 900 campuses to scour 40 years’ worth of personnel files for allegations of sexual wrongdoing, inappropriate behavior, violence or drugs, and gave them until May 30 to complete the arduous task.

They found 600 possible cases and forwarded 331 of those to California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The number is expected to climb.

That’s the good news.

The bad news?

Judith Perez, executive director of the Associated Administrators of Los Angeles, said principals were also committed to students’ safety, although she questioned the scope of the review.

“Is it worth it to go back 40 years? I wonder,” she said. “The urgency would be active concerns, those within the statute of limitations,” she said. “Beyond that, it’s not clear to me why.”

What are you afraid of, Judith? In a district with a staggering drop-out rate, perhaps the best way to keep kids in school is to root out 40 years’ worth of child molesting teachers. Just a thought.

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