Disconnect, Pt 2: Subpoenas are for the little people

Earlier this year in Kansas City, SNAP’s David Clohessy was ordered to give a six-hour deposition in a child sex abuse lawsuit. Neither SNAP nor David himself were a party or even knew the victim. Critics piled on Clohessy, calling him evasive and a con-artist. In the end, the deposition has nothing to do with the lawsuit. It was instead a legal maneuver on behalf of a group of bishops to bankrupt SNAP through legal fees.

This week in Stockton, California, former Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony was called to testify in court in the case of Father Michael Kelly, a priest that a civil jury found had molested a boy in the 1980s. Mahony decided to go to Rome instead. Lawyers are pushing for the judge to cite Manhony with contempt.

And legal fees? No worries: the Diocese of Stockton and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are always more than happy to pick up his legal fees. Collection baskets from poor parishes in vulnerable communities never seem to fail. Besides, what does Mahony care that he is costing taxpayers thousands of dollars in unnecessary court costs?

So who’s the con artist now?

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3 thoughts on “Disconnect, Pt 2: Subpoenas are for the little people

  1. So off he goes to Rome and he and Ben XVI decide tha he should stay in Rome. He could probably help Law out at that big, prestigous cathedral. Better to have them all together there, no? Hope this judge finds him in contempt and gets his passport, just in case. Isn’t this the guy who built the Rog-Mahal? Pure smoke and mirrors and beneath contempt.

  2. The RICO suit against Mahoney what’s up with that??
    Isn’t he called the “teflon don”.. so tired of all of those guys.. where is the outrage from US taxpayers over their money going to tie up our courts with catholic cases while the perp priests and co perp bishops and cardinals are all out free living among unsuspecting public.

  3. This jackass Mahony has always been a first rate turd fondler in my opinion. From his hypocritical stance on labor unions – pro union until the catholic cemetary workers wanted to organize, (he crushed them,) to his current stand on his responsibility to society. Piss poor example of a human being.

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