Breaking News: Jury says Fr. Michael Kelly Abused Victim

The jury came in with a unanimous verdict for Michael Kelly’s victim. If a jury can determine that in less than two hours, why did the Diocese of Stockton allow him to keep working with kids? For years?

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    1. Thanks for identifying the source of my quote. I read dozens of articles each day, and I couldn’t remember where I saw it. Jeannie

  1. Joelle: For the record: At the beginning of yesterday’s post, I was quoting an article that I had read and I thought that it was associated with your website. I just wanted everyone to know that was not my question, it was another writer’s. I was just repeating the question. Thanks for letting me clarify this. Jeannie

  2. Joelle: I was quite surprised to see my comment quoted on Abuse Tracker this morning. I was grabbing my last cup of coffee before work, and when I read it, I thought, “Mmmmm….. that looks familiar. I had to laugh when I discovered it was something that I quoted, yesterday.

    Now, I’m hoping to somehow get a question to the Prosecutor up in Philly, and I would like some suggestions from your readers as to how this will be possible. I firmly believe, with all of my heart, that the Vatican’s Top Secret Directive of 1982, sent out to all of the bishops of the world, “Crimen Sollicitationis,”is the blueprint for teaching bishops, archbishops, cardinals and even lowly Monsignors, how to intimidate those who have been sexually abused by Pedophile Priests, monks, nuns, etc….. and how to coverup abuse, for the purpose of” AVOIDING SCANDAL being brought to the Holy Roman Catholic Church!” According to the directions in this document, it was to be placed in every diocese’s “Secret Archives.” If this document has not been revealed in Monsignor Lynn’s case, I’m no attorney, but I would think that if it hasn’t been revealed that not all of the Archdiocese Secret Archives have been revealed as well. I wonder if the prosecution in both the Lynn and Flynn cases have ever seen this “Top Secret Vatican Document.” (The English Version is available by Googling it online!) If any of your readers know how to get this information to the prosecution in Monsignor Lynn’s case, I would appreciate it if they would inform her. Many thanks. Must run to work! Jeannie

    1. No one would be Catholic and many clergy would be jailed across the globe for their massive crime syndicate, not limited to just raping kids, but critically tied to enslaving mothers in impoverishing and deadly incubating slavery for these spoiled pedophiles. But the reproductive freedom of women doesn’t threaten just the Vatican’s pedophile/overpopulation ponzi scheme — it also threatens elite families and corporations whose wealth depends on overpopulation slave labor and resource wars. During WWII, future Paul VI funded Nazi Catholic Croatian Ustashi death camps that butchered 1 MILLION Serb Christian “heretics”. Fetal idolators base their mother-killing crusades on his INVALID Humanae Vitae encyclical and subsequent Nazi popes have continued the cover-up of using their centuries-perfected pedophile priest ratlines to smuggle 100,000 Nazis to North America for the Vatican’s Fourth Reich and beatifying Nazi colluders like Ustashi-supporter Cardinal Stepinac. And church secret archives also hide the “pro-life” medical trafficking of women, kids, indigenous “heretics”, the disabled, etc. for big pharma/CIA/Pentagon profits and legal genocide. Moreover, Catholic hospitals get away with faith-based criminal Munchausen by Proxy medical MALPRACTICE deaths and injuries. Various Latin countries and some Catholicstan states here are now arresting women for MISCARRIAGES that leave pedophile priests without a child’s behind. Women need to stage a global birth strike to fight these atrocities.

      1. Heil Mary: One of the main themes of my rants has been the way in which the Roman Catholic Church promoted the genocide of Orthodox Catholics in Croatia and Serbia under the regime of Cardinal Stepanic and Ante Pavelic in Yugoslavia during WWII. Most Catholics, as well as most Americans, have never heard the simple fact that “Forced Conversions,” were prevalent in Yugoslavia, during WWII, where Christian, Orthodox Catholics were given the choice of converting to Roman Catholicism or dying a brutal death, blessed of course by Pope Pius XII. I was not aware that Cardinal Montini, the future Pope Paul VI was part of this picture. Thanks for this clue, that I’ll be tracking down. Montini was implicated in the underground system that spirited Nazi leaders thru the Vatican to safety in South America, after WWII. This fact was revealed in the Odessa Files. Unfortunately for the Church, since Democratic governments were synonymous with the much despised principle of “Americanism,” the Church chose to support every Fascist Regime on the Continent of Europe during WWI: Hitler, Mussolinni, Pavilic, Spinoza and Franco. She bet on ALL of the losing horses and lost! So much the Spiritual Discernment, which came out of the Vatican in WWII.

  3. Someone asked the question: “If a jury can determine that in less than two hours, why did the Diocese of Stockton allow him to keep working with kids? For years?” Well, maybe the jurors were a lot more intelligent than the leaders of the Diocese and the Archdiocese, including the bishops, archbishop and cardinal? Maybe the jurors exhibited a moral fiber not found in the Diocese and Archdiocese’s Administration?

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