Arizona Child Victims’ Act: Two New Lawsuits Filed

The Arizona Child Victims’ Act has not been in the headlines much—Covid and the elections have stolen most of the news airtime in that state.

Don’t let the quiet fool you: Arizona’s Catholic Bishops have a long and sordid history of enabling and protecting child sex predators.

Today, victims filed two new child sex abuse and cover-up lawsuits against the Diocese of Phoenix and one its more notorious predators (who came by way of Tucson), Fr. John P. Doran.

Doran is one of approximately 200 predator clerics who lived and worked across the state.

Read the news coverage here. Doran’s complete assignment history is here.

The Arizona Child Victims’ Act closes in December of 2020. After that time, many survivors of child sexual abuse in the state will lose their right to expose predators and protect children right now.

If you know someone who was sexually abused as a child in Arizona (no matter the predator), support them, listen to them, and let then know that it is safe to come forward and get help.

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