Local parish says, “No Mahony!” And the response is ….

Yeah, even I was surprised.

Parishioners at Los Angeles Archdiocese’s St. Kateri Church were not pleased when they were informed that disgraced Cardinal Roger Mahony was going to perform their parish confirmations.

From the Santa Clarita Valley Signal:

Brooke Bambrick is among the outraged. Growing up Catholic, her father was a deacon at St. Monica’s. When he found out about the widespread coverups and Mahony’s failure to hold abusers accountable and protect the abused, he decided the family should leave the Catholic Church.

“He thought it was hypocritical of the church,” said Bambrick. “Mahony protected the priests and shuffled them around, that’s a crime, and a crime against kids.”

Now that Mahony is coming to Saint Kateri, she is outraged and believes the church should request another Bishop for the ceremony.

“It is an atrocity that he is able to step foot in a church,” she said. “He ignored the facts and allowed people to do atrocious things to children. The Catholic Church didn’t handle it correctly and he shouldn’t officiate at such a large church here in the valley.”

But instead of just “taking it,” parishioners decided to do something.

Reports are now saying that the parish filed a formal complaint with Archbishop Gomez and that the Los Angeles prelate approved the removal of Mahony from their services. [[Update: LA’s Channel 9 news ran the story at 10 pm April 7.]] 

Good job. Now it’s time to remove him from everything else. I wonder if there is a formal complaint form for that issue.

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  1. Way to go parishoners of Saint Kateri and all those who helped. As Catholics we must stand up and say NO. We cannot let these abuses continue.

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