What to do when people say, “But Pope Francis is different.”

Oh, Pope Francis. He’s got a good racket going.


His fan base is huge. Recent trips to the U.S. and now Mexico show that people really like this seemingly humble and devout man. I mean, they “like him” like him.

But a pioneer in the prevention, prosecution, and exposure of child sex abuse? Not so much.

So, the next time your friend says, “Oh quit being such a pessimist. Pope Francis is changing things,” show them this:

Less than a week after a prominent child sex abuse victim appointed to Francis’ commission to prevent child sexual abuse was given a vote of no confidence (for the crime of actually trying to prevent child sex abuse):


Yeah, that’s effective.

I could also mention John Feit, the former priest now charged with murder. Church officials sent him to a Trappist Monastery in Missouri after they learned that charges were pending. Or that Feit worked at a treatment center for sex-offending clerics, where he really botched the job.

Or I could mention the case of Joel Wright.

But I think that Francis is proving my point quite convincingly on his own.

2 thoughts on “What to do when people say, “But Pope Francis is different.”

  1. How is Francis different? In only one way. He’s the good cop to JPII/BXVI’s bad cops, but he’s still a cop who is against anyone or anything that RCC Inc sees as threatening, including abuse survivors (abuse survivors are de facto “enemies” of RCC Inc). There are so many things he could have done/could be doing to show he’s truly different, but he’s just lipstick on the Vatican pig. Sociopaths can be outwardly nice while they destroy. JPII was like that at first. BXVI never had any pretentions of being nice, so everyone knew where they stood with him. When people demand accountability, Francis calls them “dummies” and “leftists”. This is one important slip of the tongue that shows how he really feels about abuse survivors and those who care about them and who care about accountability.

  2. Children and their families are safer because of Joelle Casteix. Parents who read her books will feel deep gratitude for the vigilance and wisdom she provides with such clarity and compassion.

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