Vatican Whistleblower

“No matter what we do, we hit a wall with Francis, Vatican”

Peter Saunders was given a vote of no confidence by the Vatican commission on the prevention of child sex abuse. His crime? Demanding the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Preventing child sexual abuse is uncomfortable and requires action. You can’t sit back and take the long view. Why? Because of the thousands of children who are being abused while you haggle over language and recommendations.

You can read the whole article here.

He’s in good company. But he was on the varsity Vatican team. Me? Small potatoes.


5 thoughts on ““No matter what we do, we hit a wall with Francis, Vatican”

  1. Sorry – I forgot a couple of things.
    2a. Make sure all the committee members are busy people who can meet only a very few times a year, but of course are said to work very hard in-between.
    2b. Have a few people (a clear minority) who are outsiders and arrange to have them caught between frustration and hope and fury at what the committee is doing – or not doing so that they feel bad about either staying or leaving.
    9a. Quietly specify that the guidelines can only be sent out by the Pope.

  2. How to set up a committee to make a difference in child abuse prevention and treatment. (For use only by the Vatican.)
    1. Announce the formation of the committee. Take 2 years to name the members, finance the necessities, arrange for an office, buy filing cabinets, etc.
    2. Choose a clear majority of the committee members from the RCC hierarchy so they will know what to say and how to keep their mouths shut.
    3. Give no more power to the committee than to send recommendations to the Pope.
    4. Re-invent the wheel. Read over a myriad of books, studies, etc. which have already spelled out clearly what needs to be done.
    5. Write out your recommendations in vague, ambiguous but important sounding phrases.
    6. Send your advice to Africa, China, and other countries who do not admit to having any child abuse.
    7. Suggest that Bishops’ councils adopt the recommendations. (We know how well these have worked in the US.)
    8. Quietly let the Bishops know that there will be no accountability.
    9. Make sure the Pope and the press releases speak glowingly of what a wonderful job the committee has done.
    10. If pressed for details, indicate that a full report will be coming out soon, probably by 2050.
    11. Set up another committee to deal with bishops. (See 1-10 above as guides.)

  3. All talk, little walk by Francis and the Vatican. Francis could seize the moment and change the world. He is surrounded by a pack of wolves who need to be sent packing. “Sent packing”, is the operative phrase.

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