Sex offending monks have no contact with students … or do they?


From the statement by St. John’s (MN) Abbey regarding the recent release of of the personnel files of five sex-offending monks:

“The files provided include those of monks currently living on the Saint John’s campus under safety plans. Their actions are limited and they are closely supervised.”

St. John’s Abbey and Prep School, with location key

Hmmm … if the 6th though 12th graders at the prep school want to get something to eat or attend Mass, how do they avoid all of those pesky sex-offending monks in the Monastic Residence?

And unless those pesky monks have ankle monitoring bracelets (which they don’t), how is the St. John’s management able to keep the offenders away from the kids? Do they show the 6th graders photos of Finian McDonald and say, “If you see this man, run away!”?

If your child’s school has had a sex abuse scandal or houses numerous sex-offending priests, think about other education options. The school will always lie and minimize (just like in this case) so that they can take your tuition money and run.

Speaking of money, tomorrow I’ll discuss how the monks engaged in Medicare/insurance fraud in the state of Missouri.

1 thought on “Sex offending monks have no contact with students … or do they?

  1. It is a complete shame what the monks of St. John’s Abbey have done to the reputations of the College of St. Benedict, St. John’s University, and St. John’s Prep, the high school where much of this predatory behavior has occurred.

    The bishops do nothing. Abbot John deflects, sometimes lies, and withholds the truth from all of central Minnesota. Stearns County prosecuting attorney Janelle Kendall hides in her office…

    Worse news is coming in the weeks and months ahead, news that might make the Vatican sit up and finally take notice.

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