The Thomas Hodgman Abuse and Cover-up Documents

Penn State does not have a monopoly on sex abuse cover-up. Adrian College officials have known that Thomas Hodgman was an admitted predator since 2003, yet, they support him and have allowed him to keep his job. They have not warned parents, students or the general community of the risk.

As a result of my 2005 settlement with the Diocese of Orange, the documents regarding my abuse at Mater Dei High School were subject to public release. Thomas Hodgman fought the release of the documents and filed legal paperwork to keep them sealed, even though he claimed that my allegations were “bogus.”

Because of an fortuitous accident on the part of a law clerk, the Orange County Register got a copy of Hodgman’s file and refused to give it back. I am eternally in their debt.

Following are the important parts of the previously secret Thomas Hodgman personnel file. Adrian College officials have known about these documents since 2005, yet have allowed Hodgman to keep his job.

Click here for the two signed confession documents.

Here’s a brief explanation

Page one:

Thomas Hodgman admits to “dating” Joelle Casteix

Page two:

Thomas Hodgman admits to Mater Dei Principal Fr. John Weling that he not only molested Joelle Casteix, but also molested at least one other student. The principal makes him “swear to never make this terrible mistake again.”

Click here for the Hodgman Cover-up Documents

Here’s explanation of what you will see:

Document 1 –  page 1 of the .pdf file

Mater Dei Administrator Lu Dominguez acknowledges that she had known of abusive relationship between Thomas Hodgman and Joelle Casteix for at least a year before any report to the school. The administrator also never reported to the police.

Document 2 – pages 2 and 3 of the .pdf file

Weling writes a letter to the superintendent of Catholic schools about Thomas Hodgman and another incident at the school. Although Casteix was a straight-A student, the daughter of a prominent alum, and the lead in the senior musical, she was portrayed as a kid with emotional problems – and was blamed for the abuse. Although Weling states that he informed the child abuse registry, Casteix alleges that she was never contacted. The principal’s cavalier attitude is obvious in the first sentence of the second page of the letter.

Document 3 – Page 4 of the .pdf file

Thomas Hodgman’s resignation letter. Although he has admitted to molesting at least two students, his resignation letter is a self-congratulatory tribute to his own work. There is no mention of his admitted crimes. The letter is dated almost two weeks after his signed confession.

Document 4 – page 5 of the pdf file

Thomas Hodgman is allowed to write his own speaking points to be delivered to students regarding his resignation. No one in the administration makes a mention of his admitted crimes and the police were never notified].

Document 5 – page 6 of the .pdf file

Rev. John B. Weling announces Hodgman’s resignation and writes a glowing letter to the faculty about Hodgman’s tenure at the school. The announcement is made more than two weeks after the confession is signed.



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  1. I wonder if Mr. Hodgman can get through the movie Spotlight without having a panic attack. Keep fighting the good fight and just know that karma is certainly, most definitely, real. In the end, he will have to answer to God.
    Thank you for your courage.

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