Penn State has good company in Adrian, Michigan

Penn State is not the only university with a sex abuse and cover-up problem.  Adrian College, a small liberal arts college in Michigan, has knowingly employed an admitted child predator for years.

Professor Thomas Hodgman, the director of choral music at Adrian College, is an admitted child predator with at least two victims. One of his victims sued and was able to get more than 200 pages of documents that outline Hodgman’s crimes and the cover-up at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, where Hodgman worked. The other victim cited in the documents has not come forward publicly.

I am Hodgman’s public victim. For years, he said my claims were “bogus.” He was lying.

But despite my meeting with school officials, providing stacks of evidence, and providing Hodgman’s signed confession ADMITTING THE ABUSE, the school refuses to remove him. They also refuse to warn incoming students, their families and the community of the danger. I also settled with the diocese for $1.6 million. Yet, Adrian does nothing.

Hopefully, that will change very, very soon.

Gustavo Arellano wrote about it far better than I can …Read it all here.


4 thoughts on “Penn State has good company in Adrian, Michigan

  1. Anon, are you really claiming “Hodgman dated someone a few years younger?”
    Please, read these documents, ok?
    He was a teacher. She was a student.
    He was an adult. She was a kid.
    He gave her an STD.
    He got her pregnant.
    His employer paid $1.6 million.
    Not because he “dated someone a few years younger. . . ”
    Please. . .

  2. Are you legitimately defective? This situation is hardly comparable to Penn State’s. That coach created a middle school level football program to culminate victims. Dr. Hodgman effectively refounded a music department that is currently comparable to other music schools on the conservatory level. Penn State’s coach abused little boys. Dr. Hodgman dated someone a few years younger and it went sour.

    Let us not forget that some years ago the women came out to Adrian College and was escorted away. Let us not forget that the administration ALREADY investigated the issue. At Penn State there are witnesses to child abuse, as in with CHILDREN. With Dr. Hodgman, it’s her word against his.

    This is unfortunate. This is opportunist. This is slander and this is simply innappropriate. Thank you.

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