When your district says it’s okay for teachers and kids to have sex …

It’s time to find a new district and consider class action.

The Los Angeles Unified School District recently argued that a 14-year-old middle school student can legally consent to sex with an adult teacher.

Because of the way that the civil law evolved through previous court decisions, the LAUSD won the argument, but lost a public relations and educational war.

I could go into a full and complete argument as to why blaming child victims is wrong in the eyes of the law, defies common sense, and gives predatory teachers and school employees a free pass to groom children and teens into child sexual abuse.

But instead, I am going to say this: If you send your child to the LAUSD, reconsider your decision and your tax dollars. If the school district is spending millions on a defense that says it’s okay for teachers to have sex with kids, it’s a BROKEN district. It is engaged in malpractice and child endangerment.

Shameful, indeed.


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