Women abuse, too, part 2 —The predator mindset

Child molester Mary Kay LeTourneau is back in the news, but not for what you would think:

Letourneau, 51, was arrested on suspicion of driving with a suspended license and booked into King County Jail. A year ago, she’d been cited for driving with a suspended license after failing to pay her tickets. She didn’t show up at a “relicensing program” or a court hearing, so a warrant was issued for her arrest.

But this is far more than a story about a woman who “forgot” to pay her parking tickets.

LeTourneau, as I prefer to remember her
LeTourneau, as I prefer to remember her

When it comes to men and women who sexually abuse children, the predators’ physical anatomies may be different, but their mindsets are very much the same. Child sex abusers are men and women who blur boundaries—sexual, physical, emotional and legal. As they hone their skills over years of grooming and abusing children, predators begin to think that they are above the law in all areas. This is why we see cases of abusive priests who steal from the collection basket, Protestant predators who work as police chaplains, or celebrity molesters who use their power and influence to thwart law enforcement.

LeTourneau is no different. Although she was arrested and went to jail, she essentially got away with child sex crimes. Fualaau, now married to his abuser, has never been interviewed without the woman who began preying on him when he was in the sixth grade. We may never learn the full extent of the damage LeTourneau did to the 12-year-old boy from a troubled home.

But we do know this: she, like many others who molest children, thinks that she is simply above the law. If the parking tickers were just a matter of money (she is an unemployable registered sex offender and Fualaau is a high school dropout who works part time as a DJ), she would have stopped parking in zones where she would be ticketed. If it were a matter of simple neglect, she would have gone to her court hearing and asked for help. But she didn’t.

She instead displayed typical child sex predator behavior: she simply believes that the laws do not apply to her.

1 thought on “Women abuse, too, part 2 —The predator mindset

  1. Excellent post. This is a good reminder to trust our instincts if somebody seems “not quite right” to us. Not all people who think they are above the law will be child molesters, but all child molesters think they’re above the law or they wouldn’t abuse kids in the first place!

    Nobody wants to think that women abuse, but some women are predators. I don’t know if they’re sneakier or if the female pedophiles simply don’t get reported as often.

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