SB 131 Needs Your Voice NOW!

It’s Thursday night and you are probably thinking, “I’m watching Thursday Night Football. There is nothing possible I can do to help convince California Governor Jerry Brown to sign SB 131, the California Child Victims’ Act.”

Fortunately, you are WRONG! You can help RIGHT NOW. And we need you.

Here is what you can do:

1. Write Governor Brown using the web form here. Tell him that you support SB 131. Here are some reasons why:

  • SB 131 exposes predators who may still be abusing kids RIGHT NOW,
  • SB 131 holds wrong-doers accountable for enabling and covering up child sex abuse,
  • SB 131 helps victims heal from traumatic injury and takes the burden of their care off of social services and taxpayers,
  • SB 131 can help provide valuable evidence of criminal activity that law enforcement can use to put predators behind bars, where they belong.

There are many more.

If you do tell your own story, keep it short – no more than two-three sentences.

2. Plan to attend tomorrow’s RALLY IN SUPPORT OF SB 131 at the State Capitol. The rally, organized by concerned citizens in support of SB 131, will be on the lawn to the left of the Capitol steps – 1315 10th Street, between L and N Streets. Attendees will be wearing bright colors. Bring a sign showing your support. If you are a victim, bring a photo of yourself at the age you were abused.

Organizers will be meeting at 12:45. The rally starts at 1 pm

Whatever you do tonight, do SOMETHING to help victims who have been denied justice. It’s easy, it’s priceless, and you can do it during the Eagles/Chiefs game.

1 thought on “SB 131 Needs Your Voice NOW!

  1. As a Roman Catholic, Viet Nam War Veteran, and Grandfather of Five, I was appalled that Bishop Gomez and Bishop Soto had hired lobbyists to help defeat SB-131.

    They even traveled to Sacramento to plead their case against the victims of pedophilia.
    Using the excuse that money would be taken from the poor is an absolute hypocrisy.
    The Church Hierarchy needs to pay for its horrendous crimes against Children, no matter how many years ago. They just spent 100 million dollars on a new Cathedral in Orange County
    They also argue SB131 does not cover Public Schools. Fortunately they have mandatory reporting of pedophiles. The bishops should try that.

    To argue all the pedophilia was in the past and not relevant to todays protection of children is ludicrous.
    Only by having to financially compensate their victims, will they wake up and try to reform the Bishops Accountability to the children of our church.

    Pope Francis says, “The church needs to be poor, like the people they serve”

    Joe Mader

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