SB 131 Passes Senate Floor – Now On To The Governor

SB 131 – the Child Victims’ Act – has become the “little bill that could.” Despite great odds and millions of dollars spent on lobbying to kill the bill (by Roman Catholic and USA Swimming officials), SB 131 passed the senate floor vote 21-8 and is heading to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

There is talk that California’s bishops have heavily (and personally) lobbied Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian, to veto the bill.

Brown needs to know that this anti-crime bill—which holds wrong-doers accountable and protects kids RIGHT NOW—is a top priority for California.

Tell Governor Brown you support SB 131. You can write his office directly here.

6 thoughts on “SB 131 Passes Senate Floor – Now On To The Governor

  1. I was molested by a California catholic priest. Please pass SB 131 I’m begging you to let me have some closure…..please, this is for the victims, we need this.

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