Jesus would fire them

Here’s a simple question:

If you have a phone and know about evidence of child sex crimes, you call police, right?

Doesn’t sound hard does it? Well, unless you’re one of Missouri’s two most influential Catholic bishops …

Example one: “Just Say No to Reporting” Kansas City Bishop Robert Finn 

Bishop Robert Finn: Call the cops? Nah. I might miss my tee time.
Bishop Robert Finn: Call the cops? Nah. I might miss my tee time.

In 2010, a Catholic school principal gave Finn’s second-in-command a single-spaced, three-page letter detailing all kinds of inappropriate behavior by Fr. Shawn Ratigan. You can read it here. Soon after, a church staffer found hundreds of photos of naked and partially naked girls—all taken by Fr. Ratigan.

But it was almost a year before anyone on Finn’s payroll managed to get that evidence to police.

The end result: in 2012, Finn became the first US bishop to ever be convicted for failing to report child sex abuse suspicions.

Example two: “Make sure they don’t cash the check” St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson: Damn! If only those pesky parents had just given me that check.
Robert Carlson: Damn! If only those pesky parents had just given me that check.

St. Louis priest Fr. Joseph Jiang has been charged with first degree child endangerment for repeatedly molested a girl as recently as last summer. Legal documents say Jiang admitted his crimes first to the girl’s parents and then to Archbishop Carlson. But in between, Jiang left a $20,000 check with the girl’s parents hoping, prosecutors say, to silence them.

Did Carlson tell the police about the check? Nope. In fact, the girl’s mom says Carlson called her and “suggested” that she turn the check over to him, the archbishop. Carlson has now been accused of attempted tampering and has been subpoenaed in the criminal case.

Kick them to the curb

Why was it so impossible for these two men—Carlson and Finn—to do the right, simple and moral thing?

They are smart men. They have top-notch lawyers. They’ve got expensive public relations teams. But apparently, they lack the ability to do the right thing. That’s criminal, hateful and lacking in any morality. They should be ashamed—and they should be removed.

That’s what Jesus would do.



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  1. The problem of St Stanislouis and it’s real property take over by the Arch Dioceses failed, no one went to jail, but a lot of Parishioners were hurt by our sitting Arch Bishop. He continues to exile them all unless thsy admitt wrong doing. I have been on a journey for the last 3 yrs to try to undo the hurt by trying to get this church and its paarishioners reinstated, you guessed it, to no avail. But recently the answer to this unfortunate event appeared. The sale of real property as others in our Arch Dioceses has nothing to do with it’s condition, attendance or management. All that was previously sold, real property not st. stan, was had to do with money …It would be used to prevent arch dioceses bankrupsy caused by the mistakes of our Trusted Officials Arch Bishop Carlson, Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Regalie and other before , streaching back in time to the late 1940’s. The mistakes were the cover up of Pedophile Priests do anything but admitt they are criminals, Monsters,as the pope indicated. They went on a mission to manage this issue,maybe some might be pedophiles themselves, by moving them around from church to church in and out of diffenent dioceses throughout the United States. They even went as far as buying off
    pedophiles to leave and say nothing, evedance tampering, hiding lists ect. All of the formentioned individuals are Criminals, the went so far as to Extort Real Property and Treasures and when it failed they Excommunicated all the Parishioners…The reason why I call them Individuals I dont think they qualify anymore for my respect as a Catholic and Centainly do not desurve the title of Cardinal, Arch Bishop, Bishop or Priest. They all really have to go We as Parishioners have to Protect Our BORN Young
    all they are interseted at the moment is self preservation and to get a spotlight stump for the UN Born.
    WE have to cut off contributions going to the Arch Dioceses so it wont be used to fund Pedophile Priest
    defences. Do as Pope Francis instructed them to do Turn them into Law enforcement Officials…He went on to say Moved them around was “STUPID”. We got toget the ball moving on this subject and clean house
    and make sure new replacing Cardinal, Bishops, Priests are vetted properly.

  2. This item is spot on. WHY didn’t these two Missouri bishops just pick up the phone and report to law enforcement. OoooHHHHH!! Stupid me, that would have been embarrassing, and might make the church looookkkk bad.

  3. Jesus won’t fire them but he would give them all a millstone a rope and tell them there is no forgiveness. See Luke 17:2; Mark 9:42; Mt 18:6.

  4. How do you cover-up crimes committed by Catholic priests in the Pittsburgh Diocese?
    It’s simple – Just Call 911

    By Mike Ference

    Sometime in the first quarter of 1987, former Catholic priest Father John Wellinger, pastor of Holy Spirit Church in West Mifflin, PA, part of the Pittsburgh Diocese, allegedly fed a drug to Greg Witkowski, a teenager attending the University of Pittsburgh. The crime allegedly took place in Witkowski’s apartment that he shared with his brother, also a student at Pitt. The drug knocked the youth out for hours, when he awoke, he intuitively called 911. Sadly, that’s when his real nightmare began.

    Running down the stairs and into the street to meet the paramedics, Witkowski would be whisked away to Presbyterian University Hospital emergency room (now University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). He would be admitted, but never examined by a doctor. Keep in mind this young man was given some sort of drug, administered by a lay person, with very bad intentions, according to Witkowski, he also consumed some alcohol, yet, no doctor wanted to be bothered by this type of case, allegedly.


    Could it be that the call to 911, answered by Pittsburgh paramedics, was the first step in alerting the Pittsburgh Diocese that one of their own had harmed another? Would diocesan officials then alert hospital officials to avoid contact with the patient?

    Or, is it more reasonable to assume that medical personnel, sworn to care for and help others in need would just say we can’t help this guy? I don’t think so. An emergency room doctor, spending so much money on med school and with so much to lose, would never make that call.
    Then why did Greg Witkowski leave Presbyterian University Hospital that day and receive no medical attention? Who paid the bill? These are all questions that I have asked of Paul Woods, Vice President & Chief Communications Officer at UPMC. To verify my story, Mr. Woods can be contacted at 412-647-6647, his cell phone number is 412-352-2058.

    To verify my story with another person feel free to contact former city of Clairton Public Safety Director William Scully. Scully gave me hand-written notes and plenty of information that was almost identical to the information given to me by Greg Witkowski concerning the assault on him in 1987 by Father John Wellinger. I still have the original notes Scully gave to me in the presence of another witness. These notes can be tested, I’m told, to determine the actual age of the paper and writing instruments.

    That’s a story for another day. To contact Bill Scully call ALCOSAN, one of the most corrupt government agencies in Pittsburgh, 412-766-4810. Scully is the director of security. Which means; he guards poop.

    If Paul Woods and Bill Scully refuse to answer your questions, I’ll send you a copy of the notes Bill Scully gave to me, and a transcript of an interview I have with a woman from Holy Spirit Church who went to the Pittsburgh Diocese to warn them about Father John Wellinger. She was turned away and labeled a gossip-hound.

    I’ve used the term allegation throughout this article; sadly, it appears the story was common knowledge among many Allegheny County residents.

    As an alumni of the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, 1970; I assure you I have no ax to grind with the school. I’m searching for the truth and justice. I trust these are sacred issues to someone in your position.

    One more thing, there’s a paper trail form the Pittsburgh Diocese to the victim’s father, Robert Witkowski..

    After 25 years of investigating clergy abuse and corruption in the Pittsburgh Diocese and PA Government it seems the time is ripe open an investigation into this type of matter. Since January of this year the Pittsburgh Diocese was forced to send out warning letters concerning three clerics that served within the jurisdiction of the Pittsburgh Diocese, Father Michael LeDoux, former headmaster at Serra Catholic High School, Brother Kenneth Ghastin, former monk and teacher at Serra Catholic High School and Father John Wellinger, former assisitant priest at St. James Parish in Wilkensburg.

    Warm regards,
    Mike Ference

  5. Finn is a member of Opus Dei. He has limitless financial resources. I don’t know if Carlson is Opus Dei or not. Both of them have extremely expensive lawyers on call, $400 an hour (or more) for each one on the team. They may or may not be intelligent, but they ARE sworn to protect the “church of the Almighty Dollar.” Apparently, the sexual abuse, molestation, porn pictures and destruction of the lives of children entrusted to their care means nothing. Each is spiritually challenged and morally bankrupt.

    1. Organizations such as “Opus Dei”, that employ secrecy as a tenet remind me of a group of young children that have a “secret club”. These are people are now PHYSICALLY adults but are stunted emotionally and still live life as children. This emotional stunting is a common trait of sexual abusers . The Bishops now in power were not appointed for their maturity, intelligence or their leadership abilities. They were appointed for their perceived “holiness” and for their compliance to authority. Our children have paid the price for this warped policy. I believe that the whole system of “priesthood” in the Catholic church must be scrapped. It is a broken system.

  6. I think that you have made one incorrect assumption. (“They are smart men.”)
    Did it occur to you, that they are not?

  7. No, Jesus might not claim them as having anything to do with him (“…get thee hence…”). The RCC, on the other hand, having stopped listening to Jesus a while back, and apparently not regarding the bishops as evildoers for allowing harm to his loved children, would see no problem with keeping them around.

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