End of week one

Ahhh … the glory of the week one weigh-in. It doesn’t get better than this (really, it doesn’t. Now the weight loss is going to be slooooooooow).

“Healthy Living” with Mike has been awesome. It makes dieting a million times easier. The first couple of days were rough—you know, the usual headache from less caffeine and knowing that there is no glass of wine waiting at the end of the day,. But the payoff has been more than worth it. I have TONS of energy. Energy is good. I’ve tackled projects that I have been avoiding for months. Ivy out front? Gone! Bad kitchen storage? Fixed!

Exercise has been great, too. I think it’s a huge part of my success. I see trouble on the horizon, though: I bunion I have just developed is starting to hurt (I feel like my grandma with all of these “old people” problems). Fortunately, I can just do more Les Mills and less Insanity.

The stats:

Weight: 145 (down 7.2 lbs!)

Everything is fitting better!

Mike’s weigh-in is tomorrow. He probably lost 3 pounds just reading the diet guide. Damn those men.

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