Arrogance, Mahony style

On his blog yesterday, Cardinal Roger Mahony discussed how he has been “called to humiliation.”

Given all of the storms that have surrounded me and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles recently, God’s grace finally helped me to understand:  I am not being called to serve Jesus in humility.  Rather, I am being called to something deeper–to be humiliated, disgraced, and rebuffed by many.

Then, he has the arrogance to say:

In the past several days, I have experienced many examples of being humiliated.  In recent days, I have been confronted in various places by very unhappy people.  I could understand the depth of their anger and outrage–at me, at the Church, at about injustices that swirl around us.

Thanks to God’s special grace, I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them.  [emphasis mine]

Mahony is a man with no soul.

Instead of seeking atonement and making amends, Mahony prances to Rome and asks God to forgive “the little people” who dare be angry on behalf of the hundreds of children he personally allowed to be raped.

He says he now has a sense of “inner peace.” That’s the biggest tragedy of all.


11 thoughts on “Arrogance, Mahony style

  1. Mahoney and his protectors including Jesuits humiliated and ignored me for decades. I told him in 1985-86 about Jesuit abuse..
    These guys are so evil.. it is difficult to believe that anyone would give him or any priest any consideration or power over their lives.. they are all part of a diabolical culture that god himself says he will destroy because of their evil (Ezekiel 34)

  2. Ultimately, he,spent so.many years feeling sorry for the sex abusing priests, it’s as if thafrica, tnew he phillapines, asia, etc.e victimliston tohis dayenpriest o.anys,the children somehow came alive recently…how disingenuous. He lives in a world of delusional lies to.himself. He was a significant member of he culture to protect sex abusing priests! Does not make him a witness and co-conspirator? The church is a very sick institution and i am finding it hard to listen to any Catholic priest anymore without thinking about their lack of protest and objections to the culture of sex abuse that continues on to this day in developing countries. new frontiers of.abuse…see the new hbo documentary:

  3. It’s an S&M thing…he gets off on the humiliation, and oddly, being humiliated gives him a sense of power…according to philosopher, Michel Foucault, the person on the bottom has the power…he is profoundly ill…

  4. He hasn’t been humiliated until he’s been the victim of a nonconsensual urophilic BDSM sexual assault by a nun, as happened to me. Following directions to request a bathroom trip and the humiliation of being denied over and over until he pees himself. The humiliation of having a smelly pee puddle forming around his chair and all that urine soaking his clothes. The humiliation of the nun getting off on what she’s caused. The humiliation of having this happen in *public*, not in a little room with just him and the nun. The humiliation of the nun berating him in front of 36 other people. The humiliation of those 36 other people joining in on the mockery and bullying. The humiliation of having to sit in the urine for the rest of the day, then the humiliation of having to clean it all up with dry paper towels after school. The humiliation of having to walk home soaking wet and pee-smelling in increasingly cold fall weather. The humiliation of having this happen two more times until his parents finally figure out it isn’t his fault and go to the school and make the nun stop getting her rocks off on his weak bladder. The humiliation of not being able to get his one and only wool school uniform drycleaned until holiday break, so he smells like pee for over a month. The humiliation of having *someone* taunt him at least once a day with a reminder of these assaults *every school day* for seven more years. The humiliation of living the rest of his life in self-consciousness to the point of social awkwardness and even paralysis and never living up to his full potential. The humiliation of always having to know where bathrooms are and breaking away and missing out on things while he’s in the bathroom relieving his bladder (which he was told was sinful to do because everything that comes out of “down there” is dirty and hated by god).

    That’s what happened to me in the name of the catholic gawd. Let’s add all the humiliations suffered by the clergy sexual torture victims in his diocese, like the nine-month-old baby who had her rectum pulled outside of her body by Oliver O’Grady. Maybe his rectum should be turned inside-out — in public.

    He has not suffered even the slightest amount of humiliation – just the embarrassment of being caught committing criminal acts against humanity (which he did with impunity). Maybe he should be tortured and assaulted with all the tortures and assaults that we all suffered *collectively*, but in public, for all to see. Maybe then he’d know what humiliation is really like.

    He isn’t a narcissist, he’s a sociopath – no conscience, no remorse, no empathy whatsoever. Narcissists have a concience, however small and ill-formed it might be. Sociopaths have no conscience at all. He’s a fraud, and NO ONE SHOULD FEEL SORRY FOR HIM AT ALL.

    1. Dear Cleveland Girl,

      Your experience brought back memories of the bullying I experienced in Catholic cathecism class as an 8 year old. I so vividly recall the nun telling me I would never reach the “gates of heaven” since I was not a baptised Roman Catholic. I recall the feeling of low self worth and humiliation after that experience and fortunately I shared this with my mother who told off the nun and head sister and I wwas withdrawn from the class. This happened over 50 years ago and I will roll forward to today. A good friend whose 11 year old daughter was attending cathecism class at the local Catholic church was told by the head priest in front of her class of 40 that she would never go to heaven because her parents were divorced. Wow, in today’s world of divorce statistics the church is going to hold children accountable for their parents decisions????? I think the philosophy of the Catholic church is steeped in lies, deceipt and corruption and all who practice it today really need to do some introspection as to whether they practice because of their inbedded guilt and fear or because they believe in the true philosophy of the church. The Catholic doctrine, at its core, is dark…………..

      1. Thanks, Alex, ITA. The assaults I experienced (as well as an attempted assault by a newly minted Alter Christus at a camp just before school started) were in 1964, 53 years ago and counting. I’m so sorry you had that experience, but it was so good your mom got you out of there! My parents kept me in that hell situation for seven years, five years for my younger brother who got bullied by a man-hater teacher in second grade (constant humiliations such as the teacher throwing chalkboard erasers at him and ordering his classmates to throw their pink erasers at him at the same time, and a fifth grade teacher who constantly bullied and abused him so badly he had to stay in the remedial reading room away from her for the rest of the year).

        I’m surprised that your friend’s child went through what she did in this day and age but not surprised at all that catholic doctrine is *still* being used to bully and abuse children. It flies in the face of keeping as many people in the religion as possible to tell small children they’ll never go to heaven because, if true, then why bother trying? Why bother attempting to be of a religion that says there is absolutely no hope for you no matter how much you mortify yourself? Why bother being good at all if you’ll never be rewarded for it?

        That’s why RCC Inc is, to me, a giant scam, an extortion racket without restraints, along with xtianity in particular and all religions in general. It is *all lies*. It’s also a power and control racket, and the way to power is through the control of sexuality and money. IMO, most people practice out of primitive fears brainwashed into them from childhood. We are all, *including children*, so much better off without religion, especially catholicism. We don’t need gawd to be good!

        1. Dear Cleveland Girl,

          I am so sorry your parents did not go to your defense but in that era it was more common for parents to be on the side of “higher authority.” So so many children were victims and lived in silence since when they even tried telling their parents, there was disbelief. I was lucky………my mother was very spiritual but had little belief in organized religion and always sided with her children over authority. It was from my experience as a young child, I had a very dark vision of the Roman Catholic Church and all their dogma. I only went to cathicism since my friends did. What I truly do not understand is why there are still Catholics going to Catholic church today. Why would anyone consciously support an organization steeped in crime and corruption and much of it aimed at children? I want to know why the world courts are not coming down on them and boy, would I love those Vatican records made public. Just watching footage of these Cardinals at the Vatican deciding on their next Pope is a joke since you have the likes of Mahoney and the other criminals there. The way to change an institution is not to support it…………in ANY way.

  5. Mahony, like so many church leaders, has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). He and they are able to make a career of it because religion tricks people into giving their power and money away to lustful and arrogant individuals who claim to represent God.

  6. What arrogance! Mahony’s comments confirm a disconnection with the serious harm and crippling injury his actions has caused.

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