Breaking: Judge orders release of UNREDACTED LA priest files

Former Los Angeles Archbishop Cardinal Roger Mahony

Excellent news for victims of sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles …

From The Associated Press:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles judge has ordered the release of personnel files that would identify Roman Catholic priests accused of child molestation.

Superior Court Judge Emilie Elias also said Monday that she wants the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to unredact the names of church higher-ups. How long the process will take remains unclear. Church attorneys expressed concern about combing through 30,000 pages of documents.

Elias is continuing to meet with attorneys following the hearing.

As of 12:15 pm, there was no schedule announced for the documents to be made public.

1 thought on “Breaking: Judge orders release of UNREDACTED LA priest files

  1. This is great news. Congratulations, Joelle, on your fine work. I wonder if the church lawyers will find some way to prevent redacting from happening? The church can be so manipulative.

    Best wishes, Dr Rosemary Eileen McHugh, Chicago, Illinois

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