Breaking: Michael Harris case settles for $2 million


After years of litigation and on the eve of what was going to be a blockbuster trial, the Diocese of Orange has settled its most recent case against notorious former priest and Mater Dei/Santa Margarita High School principal Michael Harris for $2 million.

The victim is a decorated Air Force pilot. He risked a lot more than most victims by coming forward.

Just think: if Msgr. John Urell and Bp. Michael Driscoll had done the right thing, Harris would be in jail. But no … that would have been the RIGHT thing to do.

Something tells me that this is not the end of the story ….

8 thoughts on “Breaking: Michael Harris case settles for $2 million

  1. God bless you for being an “activist” with such important information –

    OMG — Caritas just purchased several mobile parks in no. california — and the residents here have been researching just what this non-profit org. is all about
    Well it appears Caritas was founded by Michael A. Harris and that in itself is very unsettling and
    He gets to settle with those here on earth — but God is waiting for him to arrive to render the correct verdict I’m sure!

    This so-called Caritas “non-profit” org is scooping up multiple mobile parks in California – backed by tax free bonds — Once they are in -they tell the residents that nothing will change and rent increases will be minimal
    They may not raise rents much but soon as they are in….they start adding poor elderly people FEE after FEE for miscellaneous services which is dropping them below poverty level!

    Now I learn that the founder of Caritas that bought this park was an “alleged” child molester who bought his way out with a settlement!

    This won’t make residents sleep well tonight……..
    Guard your children.

    1. Spread the word, Lila, and don’t STOP! Bring SCANDAL to the Roman Catholic Church by telling the truth. I’ve worked for 10 years in Senior Communities and these people are being taken advantage of in their old age, more so than any other demographic group! Most are living in trailer parks because they can’t afford expensive rest homes that often cost upwards of $6000 a month! They need a break and they need help! Be their voice! God will bless you for it!

  2. In a selfish sort of way I am bummed that it settled before trial. I always find it valuable and healing for catholic officials to be forced to testify, documents entered into evidence, and a permenent record established for history. Of course, those are the reasons the diocese settled, to avoid documenting the truth of their gross negligence. (And potentially higher damages)
    I am NOT criticizing the victim in this case. His bravery and courage in bringing this lawsuit, as well as his service to our country is commendable. I know he did what was right for him.
    Hopefully there is still an opportunity for the lawyers to provide any evidence (documents, depositions etc.) in this case to BishopAccountability so it is on record for posterity.

  3. Where are these bishops getting all this money?

    They bishops pleaded poor-mouth when it came to giving lay teachers in their diocesan schools a miniscule raise in salary. They closed schools alleging the pupil size was too small, when in reality they just didn’t want to cough up the money for the teachers’ salaries and pay operational expenses.

    Yet, without a blink of an eye, these bishops fork over millions of dollars to prevent going to trial where all the dirt they piled up under themselves would be revealed.

    What a bunch of deceitful hypocrites.

    1. Perhaps you didn’t know that the priests don’t pay the settlements – the Diocese does~ They are the defense for the priest AND bankers of church funds….

      Trust me, they only settle to keep all the nastiness off programs like CNN etc – These articles are local to this particular priest but other counties NEED to know about this – because these priests are re-located to other parishes by the church rule-makers!

      Micael Harris is the exception since he was told to leave the cloth behind – Mr. Harris seems to persist in being in one venture or another and seems to be surviving quite well with all his past wealthy connections.
      Just google him and it goes round and round with all the business ventures he has resorted to – to make a living by calling himself Dr. Harris
      One was Trident Ltd – another was CARITAS [low rent mobile home parks] He left Caritas and started –something about give presentations to college students – on that site Harris’s biography OMITS his time in the priesthood [umm…]
      Learncom is now known as Learning run by Robert Redwitz [did he purchase Harris’s website?] Who knows
      Funny thing – Mr. Redwitz was at Santa Margarita during Harris’ time as principal – and is still there after taking over Mr. Harris’s ownership of CARITAS –
      Seems in spite of the looming litigation, Google Harris and Redwitz and it appears they remained as business associates here and there-
      IF news reports of Harris’s settlement [and the nature of the lawsuit] reaches national news will it affect the good ? name of Caritas mobile home parks? How will its residents react to the Harris connection??.

      Who knows.. but with the settlement, Harris gets to go on with his life — but the whole thing is like a bad movie…..

    2. Unless the parishioners themselves rise up in outrage, nothing is going to change. Millions more dollars are going to be paid out to shied every bishops, archbishop and cardinal from going to trial. Just like the bishop of L.A., who settled for 600 million dollars, so he wouldn’t need to appear o the witness stand, bishops will pay fast and free with the TAX FREE Money given the Church as charitable contributions! It’s not costing the bishops anything, but it’s costing the parishioners better schools, well-paid teachers and another generation of Catholics, who will not darken the door of the Catholic Church after they leave high school! Their parents aren’t getting what they are paying for! Maybe instead of giving to the Church, they should fund their own educational system, with the bishop’s input!

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