Vatican Embassy

Exclusive: Accused Vatican diplomat wrote 2003 dissertation on sex abuse church laws

A Vatican priest and diplomat under suspicion for violating US child pornography laws wrote his 2003 doctoral dissertation on church laws addressing how the Holy See deals with clerics accused of molesting children. Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella, recalled by the Vatican last week, wrote The criminal protection of ecclesiastical celibacy in the canonical laws of 1917 […]

Cops vs. Coakley: You be the judge

Let’s play a game of “Who to believe …” In 2012, Fr. Jose Alexis Davila plead guilty to unlawful sexual touching. We learned this week that Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley put Davila back in a parish. Let’s see what Coakley had to say: While Father Davila’s actions with an adult parishioner five years ago occurred […]

Bill Cosby arrested and charged with sexual assault

      Note: it was the release of previously sealed depositions in the CIVIL case against Cosby that finally encouraged Montgomery County, PA prosecutors to file criminal charges. In 2004, when former Temple University employee Andrea Constand originally reported the sexual assault, prosecutors would not charge Cosby. But 49 women and a 2005 deposition later, the […]

More moves to reform CA sex crime laws

      On the heels of proposed federal legislation and a CA ballot initiative to eliminate statutes of limitations for sex crimes, California State Sen. Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino) is “seeking to introduce a bill in January that would eliminate the statute of limitations for rape and other related crimes.” According to the Vallejo Times-Herald: […]

Prestigious MN prep school/Uni in violation of Title IX for housing sex offending monks

  Newly released documents show how St. John’s Prep in Collegeville, MN is in direct violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and created a hostile environment where students can reasonably believe they are risk of sexual assault. At least 10 sex-offending monks—who have only been publicly exposed due to child sex abuse civil lawsuits […]

Did Missouri’s taxpayers foot the bill for an out-of-state sex offending priest?

You bet they did. A wealthy Minnesota Catholic religious order and a Catholic-owned rehabilitation hospital engaged in potential Missouri Medicaid insurance fraud to get free health care for a sex-offending priest, a newly released document shows. The 2014 document, released as a part of a legal settlement against the Benedictines of Minnesota and sex-offending priests, show that the order withheld money […]

Vatican thwarts review boards, documents show

Everything the bishops have been led you to believe about the independent power of lay review boards is deliberately misleading. Citing a sex-offening priest’s “right to privacy,” a newly released Vatican document shows that priests are able to shield potentially damning evidence from review boards who are charged with determining whether abuse allegations against a priest […]