More Trouble for Stockton: Oliver O’Grady Re-emerges

Oliver O’Grady is like a cockroach: He will never, never, ever go away.

A new Oliver O’Grady victim has come forward and filed a lawsuit against the notorious predator and the Diocese of Stockton. SNAP will have a press conference tomorrow to release details. On the heels of the Michael Kelly verdict, this is very, very disturbing news. I have yet to see any kind of apology from the diocese for either Kelly’s actions or the horrific legal hardball tactics that the diocese employed in an attempt to scare the victim into dropping his suit.

O’Grady is currently serving a three-year prison sentence in Ireland for possession of child abuse images (child porn).

Here is the press release:


NEWS EVENT: Victims announce new lawsuit against notorious Stockton priest

Child was abused after cleric admitted crimes to church officials & police

Convicted in Stockton, O’Grady is now in Irish prison for child porn

He worked at same parishes as Stockton priest recently found liable for abuse

SNAP believes there may be more victims scared by diocese’s legal hardball

What: Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, victims of child sex abuse and their supporters will announce a new lawsuit against notorious child molesting priest Oliver O’Grady and the Diocese of Stockton.  The lawsuit says:

  • O’Grady molested the victim after the cleric already admitted to abusing kids,
  • Stockton church officials knew O’Grady was a predator before the victim in this case was born, and
  • Catholic church officials covered up O’Grady’s crimes and silenced victims.

Victims will also:

  • Show how O’Grady shared assignments with Fr. Michael Kelly, who fled to Ireland after a jury unanimously said Kelly was liable for child sex abuse.
  • Urge Stockton Bishop Blaire to reach out to other potential victims of O’Grady and Fr. Michael Kelly,
  • Beg Stockton church officials to stop cruel, hardball legal tactics against victims, and
  • Ask local law enforcement to continue criminal investigations against molesting clerics and their protectors.

Where: Outside of the Stockton Diocese Headquarters, 212 North San Joaquin Street (at Channel) in Stockton

When: Wednesday, May 2, at 1pm

Who: Three-to-four victims of child sex abuse and their supporters who are members of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( They will be joined by a former priest and monk—now advocate for victims—who is an expert on O’Grady.

Why: This week in San Joaquin Superior Court, a 25-year-old victim of convicted serial predator Oliver O’Grady filed a child sex abuse and cover-up lawsuit against the Diocese of Stockton. The lawsuit says that the former priest molested the boy when the victim was five and six years old. During the time, O’Grady was assigned to St. Andrews in San Andreas and St. Anthony’s in Hughson, California.

The victim was molested in 1992, just before O’Grady was arrested in Calaveras County. According to press reports and court documents, Stockton Diocese officials knew that O’Grady was a direct risk to kids as early as 1976. Police investigated other allegations against O’Grady in 1984, when O’Grady admitted to a mental health practitioner that he had molested children. Instead of removing O’Grady from ministry, then-bishop Cardinal Roger Mahony reassigned O’Grady to St. Andrews parish. The victim in this case was born in 1987, three years after church officials had direct knowledge that O’Grady was a child molester.

O’Grady was convicted in 1993 of four counts of lewd and lascivious acts against two minors. In 1998, the two victims in the case won a $30 million settlement against the diocese. O’Grady was paroled in 2000 and deported to Ireland.

In January 2012, O’Grady was sentenced to three years in prison for possession of child pornography, after law enforcement discovered the images on O’Grady’s computer and USB drive. According to press reports, the images were of victims as young as two.

O’Grady was the subject of the 2006 Academy Award nominated documentary “Deliver Us From Evil,” in which O’Grady admitted to molesting at least two dozen children. The actual number is believed to be closer to 100

Before O’Grady’s latest arrest, he was discovered volunteering with children in a church in The Netherlands and working in a McDonald’s, where he coordinated children’s birthday parties.

Last month, a jury voted unanimously that another Stockton priest, Fr. Michael Kelly, was liable for molesting retired Air Force pilot Travis Trotter. After the verdict, Kelly fled to Ireland.  The Stockton Diocese finally settled the case for $3.75 million.  To date, they have not apologized to Travis or acknowledged Kelly’s civil crimes.

According to church records, Kelly and O’Grady, who were both from Ireland, worked in many of the same parishes at different times, including Our Lady of Fatima, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Andrews, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Joachim’s’Grady_Oliver_Francis.htm#shorthand. SNAP believes there may be many more victims of both men who have been shamed into secrecy and silence.

The victim in this case is represented by Sacramento attorney Dr. Joe George (916) 641-7300,


13 thoughts on “More Trouble for Stockton: Oliver O’Grady Re-emerges

  1. So I watched Deliver Us From Evil, and without surprise it’s about another sick , perverted, evil child rapist holyer than thou preist. I don’t call them pedophiles or molesters. They are the evil sadistic people who walk amongst us. They are organized religion just like organized crime. Except they get away with more alot more . I was born Catholic and I don’t and won’t follow the ways of this sadistic religion. I actually don’t follow any religion. I feel how you treat others in your daily life is faith, to have compassion, care, empathy is faith. As long as there is still this religion, amongst others religous non sense , there will still be victims.

  2. I watched the documentary on Shomi just now and Oliver O’Grady is one very sick person and doesn’t show any sign of remorse regardless of his words saying it!!! He’s in Ireland alive and well when he should be rotting in prison for life and to the ones who turned their cheeks to avoid trouble….. I hope you all including Oliver go to hell!!!! Your lacksidasical attitude Oliver about your SINS going unpunished or ignored was sickening….you seemed it was even funny!!!!

    1. Didn’t you just want to wipe that smile off of his evil face with a sharp object ? Moved to tears by this film,Deliver us from Evil.

  3. He might have fooled the Judicial System & Catholic Church, But he will not Fool GOD. A wolf dressed in sheep clothing..

  4. It is incredible how trustworthy this man presented himself to be. That makes me really scared for children. He seems like a victim himself, of course he was a long, long time ago. But to continue he cycle when you know it is wrong is unforgivable. Especially when he was talking about having intercourse with a three month old baby. He should have gotten way more than three years. The man has definitely RUINED a lot of people’s lives. He really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While I was looking at the documentary all I could think to myself was how perplexing he was. His mouth was telling all of these atrocious acts that he’d inflicted on defenseless minors but his demeanor was naive and kind of open and innocent. He reminded me of Santa Claus.

    1. Santa Claus?
      You people are the most gullible there is …..
      In fact ,you could be considered as guilty for EVN having an iota of tolerance for any of this .
      In some countries a woman gets stoned to death for hardly adultery
      And in our countries ,men can roam around and practice their dark sexual impulses on the vulnerable. And have documentaries done about them …with them expressing their views!!!!!!!!

      What kind of a society EVN takes the time to listen and find excuses ?
      He should have been condemned to death a long time ago.

      1. YOU mentioned stoning a woman to death – not sure what THAT point is – but I can tell you, stoning people to death is JUST AS DEPRAVED as a Priest molesting a child.

        I saw this on Wiki Pedia – after years and years of all this, the guy is STILL SICK. He needs to be put in a mental institution and NEVER LET OUT.

        In December 2010 he was arrested in Dublin for possession of child pornography. The victims were as young as two years old.[10] Authorities discovered child pornography photos and videos on O’Grady’s laptop, on an external hard drive, and on a USB key. Judge Patrick McMahon remanded O’Grady on continuing bail to appear again on January 28. As part of his bail conditions O’Grady was required to sign on twice daily at Dublin’s Harcourt Terrace Garda station, and surrendered his passport.[11] In January 2012, O’Grady was sentenced to three years in prison in Ireland for possession of child pornography.[12]

  5. I know this is a horrid thing to admit… and, of course, in my most noble and holiest of hour, I should never agree to such a line of thinking, but… this not being one of those… my question is… don’t you feel a bit like the criminal system has failed us? I mean… how did he survive those years in prison? Why is he still alive. Aren’t they supposed to eat his kind for lunch in our “penile” system? Why has he not been found, bound and de-poped, testicles high and tied, reaching for the proverbial soap… on a rope?

    1. It is not a horrid thing to think. Revenge is natural. I guess he can never escape punishment for deliberately hurting so many children. The guilt has to kill him. He was Father O’Grady after all. But maybe nothing means much to him. All I know is that he is going to have karma coming back to him.

    2. Sorry to jump in one year later, but I just watched “Deliver us from Evil” and this was the first forum I came across. And I feel so angry!

      I was brought up in the Catholic Church, and was kinda aware of abuse, not sexual really (though, it was there, but never overtly), but more the church’s influence had on parents and the community, and subsequently children.

      Luckily (gulp!), I closely saw what priests were like when I was a kid, and saw absolutely no reason to follow the “rules of the church” as I saw it – complete hypocrisy. Since then I have abided by the “rules of the universe”. And now teach my children the same – truth, respect, love and no more (except that laughing helps us all along).

      Like the Japanese father said in the documentary, I would literally kill anyone that would inappropriately touch my children, as I think any parent would – sacrifice their life for their children and their well-being. So, like Diane says, these kinda people are reviled in prison – and he survived 7 years? He obviously had help, again!

      As a nephew of someone in the hierarchy of the Catholic institution, I have also seen the “power” that the documentary speaks of and the numerous cover-ups that occur to shield this abhorrent behaviour…and other less offensive stuff, yet illegal.

      I’ve had enough of the hypocrisy, the lies, the egos, the whitewashing, the corruption….I want to do something!


      P.S. Who or what the fuck is EVN?

  6. God bless Tom Doyle, God damn Oliver O’Grady, Cardinal Mahony and any other Catholic Clergy involved in child molestation and/or covering up for child molesters!

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