Where is Fr. Juan Cano?

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles does not want you to know about Fr. Juan Cano.

Yesterday, they sent an official to Encino’s Our Lady of Grace Parish and told Catholics there that Fr. Juan Cano was placed on administrative leave on January 19th due to “several allegations” of inappropriate behavior with women, including one minor.

Was there a written notice in the bulletin? No. Did they put a notice in the bulletin at St. James Parish in Redondo Beach where Cano worked before he became a priest? No. In fact, unless you were sitting in church this past Sunday, you would have no idea that you may need to talk to your children, sisters, wives, cousins, or friends about the abuse of power and sexual assault.

But the Archdiocese WAS busy doing something: They were busy erasing Fr. Juan Cano from their websites.

They didn’t have time to post a notice that he may have abused someone you love. But they had time to erase him, just like Stalin did to his enemies.


Screen Shot at 9:30 am today


Screenshot at 10:45 am today


Here’s the rub: if the Archdiocese truly cared about victims of abuse (or Fr. Juan Cano), they would kept his picture up and put an announcement on the websites of every parish where Cano worked and try to reach as many alleged victims as possible. But they don’t want to do that. Why?

Did they know Cano was a problem? Is that why he worked under Fr. Cunnane, who also supervised Fr. Fernando Lopez Lopez, one of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles worst predators of recent years (he was convicted of rape before he came to LA, btw)?

Or did they know Fr. Juan Cano had issues back in the seminary? Like when he said the most challenging aspect was “remaining open to God’s will when receiving recommendations from the faculty.” (I can only imagine what those recommendations were).

Cano has only been a priest since 2015. He gets to work quickly.

If you or someone you know has information about Fr. Juan Cano, contact LAPD detective Rose Gaeta at 213 486-0580.

4 thoughts on “Where is Fr. Juan Cano?

  1. I have a picture of Fr. Jay Cunnane in a hotel lobby with the parish accountant during a Christmas vacation. He fired the parish accountant of 10 years to bring the young lady he ‘groomed’ and made her the parish accountant. She was the daughter of the cook at his former parish.
    I contacted the Archdiocese and Tony Galla, Superintendent of Catholic Elementary schools….both punted the concerns to each other. Disgraceful.

  2. In my personal opinion, the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese and the Diocese of Orange are both corrupt bedfellows with law enforcement, i.e., the LAPD, LA Sheriff and OC Sheriff…. does anyone truly believe that the LAPD is going to investigate another Catholic priest employed by a powerful and abusive religious institution for sex crimes?

    Remember, the LAPD also allegedly investigated how many Los Angeles Archdiocese priests accused of sex abuse crimes against minor children…. how many priests were actually charged with crimes? There were 1000 civil lawsuits regarding sex abuse crimes in Los Angeles against children….. I can count on one hand how many priests that were actually charged with a crime.

    Again, my personal opinion, this is probably just another public relations tactic to intentionally deceive the faithful in the pews that their children are somehow safe from sexual predators employed by the LA Archdiocese.

    I remain disgusted that the USDOJ or FBI have not investigated the heinous crimes and cover ups against children and families in the U.S. They are allegedly investigating the Michigan State/Larry Nassar and Jerry Sandusky/Penn State scandals….. but fail to conduct the same investigations involving the Catholic Church and the sex crimes against precious children.

    There are many employees that have aided and abetted sex crimes by failing to report, as mandated by law–all remain gainfully employed by the Los Angeles Archdiocese and Diocese of Orange, etc. Nothing has really changed…. just the public relations tools of law enforcement to cover their own failures.

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