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  1. Slightly off topic but I have been browsing our own Aidan Nichol’s work on Pope Benedict’s thguthos. I am struck by how naif the young Ratzinger was on Vatican II.There seems to be a “eurocentricty” in his observations. He didn’t seem to get that the 20th was the “American Century”. Nor did he grasp the signficance of the growth of Catholicism within the WASP world and its relative maturity.For example the 3 greatest film directors working in Hollywood after the war were all practicing Catholics; the two greatest novelists in the UK were converts to the Faith; whilst Australia’s greatest criminal outlaw was also one of us. By contrast, what had Bavaria got to offer in 1962?If I were a peritus from Germany, Holland, Switzerland or France at Vatican II, I might have been tempted to shut up and let the Irish diaspora and WASP converts do all the talking.

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