Jerry Brown vetoes victims’ civil rights bill

In case you were wondering who Jerry Brown REALLY wants to protect: Yesterday, Brown vetoed SB 924, a bill which would have given victims of child sexual abuse until age 40 to file civil lawsuits against organizations that cover up and abet child sexual abuse. The bill was entirely prospective, meaning that it would only apply to victims who were abused AFTER the passage of the bill.

Jerry Brown—Giving criminal conspiracies a pass ... AGAIN
Jerry Brown gives criminal conspiracies a pass … AGAIN

He did, however, lengthen the criminal statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. This is good news and it will put criminals behind bars. But by vetoing the civil law, Brown is ensuring that organizations that cover up abuse—groups like the Boy Scouts, US Gymnastics, US Swimming, and his beloved Catholic Church—will never be held accountable for their crimes. With that being the case, what deterrent will these organizations have to change their behavior? Because common decency and morality have not been working thus far. We know that Brown habitually meets with representatives of the Catholic Conference. Too bad he’s never met with a victim of the church … or US Swimming … or the Boy Scouts … Shameful.

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