Ever wanted to call a perpetrator priest?

It looks as if the LA Archdiocese (in their rush to dump more than 12,000 pages of files after 5 years of legal haggling) has published the contact info for many of their accused clerics.

Did they mean to do this?

Redactions have been an issue for the Archdiocese, who is now getting pounded for redacting the names of low-level priests who covered up abuse. They also “FORGOT” to redact the names of a number of victims. I won’t tell you where those are, out of respect for those victims.

But the one thing they didn’t redact? The contact addresses and phone numbers of many of the perpetrator priests as of 2012. Here is Michael Nocita’s FORMER home address, with work and home phone (now disconnected)**UPDATE He apparently does not live here anymore, and the Archdiocese is responsible for publicizing the address***. Want to call Kevin Barmasse? This number is still active.

The problem? How many innocent people are going to be barraged with calls and “drive-bys” because had the unfortunate luck of moving into the former home of an accused cleric or getting a perp priest’s old phone number?


3 thoughts on “Ever wanted to call a perpetrator priest?

  1. I’m in such shock and disappointed in ex priest father micahel nicita!!!! i grew up in san pedro california,,,when father mike was a priest in our parish mary star of the sea!!! he was so young and everyone adored him,,,,especially when he would say mass….he would open up the mass with a very funny joke….that made all of us crack up!!! he was so funny he made old ladies cry of laughter…alll of us!! i’m so disappointed that he too is one of those pervert priests!!! i just found out yesterday…to go in google…and i’m so shocked!!! i know father mike always loved teen age girls!!! after mass they were all over him!!! but we all love him!!!! my little sister adored him…too!!!! what is happening in the dirty political church and all these pervert priests….<? this secual molestation has to end….now!!! my heart goes out to the poor innocent victims!!! so much evil in our world….the end of time is coming soon….soon we will see jesus for his second coming!!! the world is too dirty and evil!!!! may jesus have mercy!!!!!!

  2. Michael Nocita no longer lives at the address published in his case files. He moved prior to his divorce from Lisa. Lisa then moved mid 2012. Simple county records may confirm this. Please do not publicize this address as the family living there has no relation to the priest abuse cases.

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