Victim-hating quote of the day. Thanks, LA Archdiocese!

Remind me to take Los Angeles Archdiocese lawyer J. Michael Hennigan off my Christmas card list.

From the Los Angeles Times:

“We agree with Judge Tevrizian that enough time has passed and enough reforms have been made that it’s time to get off this and move onto another subject,” attorney J. Michael Hennigan said.

Those other subjects? Two civil sex abuse trials against former priest Michael Baker and the first of what could be many civil sex abuse trials against former priest Nicolás Aguilar Rivera. And that’s just the start.

“… enough time has passed?” To run out the statute of limitations for other victims, perhaps …

Gee, those UNREDACTED documents would get in the way, wouldn’t they?


1 thought on “Victim-hating quote of the day. Thanks, LA Archdiocese!

  1. Church authorities have so many secrets to hide and so many victim/survivors to TRY to manage. Why do the bishops refuse to obey their own rules on telling the truth and doing what is right? I think they sell those concepts in their religion business so that they can get money to keep themselves out of jail.

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