Joelle said WHAT?

Joelle yacks about a lot of stuff in a lot more places than just this blog. So, for those of you who can’t get enough  … The San Jose Mercury News interviewed me about J. Patrick Foley, one of the priests in “the San Diego Eight” list. The Pacific Daily News asked me about more […]

#MeToo: Making a Movement

Yesterday, I was a featured speaker at UCI Law School’s series on the #MeToo movement. Our discussion: Victims of child sexual abuse and sexual assault have been empowered to speak out about what happened to us. But what do we do to change the systemic problem in our institutions that made this abuse and cover-up […]

My own journey

It’s time to talk. Those of you who have followed my blog may have noticed that it was dark for much of the fall. There were some good reasons for this. I am on the faculty at the UCI School of Law this semester, co-teaching a course on how to use the legislative process to […]

My Open Letter to Jeffrey Docking and Adrian College #metoo

November 3, 2017 To:       Dr. Jeffrey Docking, President Adrian College @JeffreyDocking, @AdrianCollege cc:        Ms. Bridgette Winslow, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Title IX Coordinator Dr. Seth Knox, President, Adrian College Association of Professors The dam has broken: You can no longer blame a fifteen-year-old victim for the fact that one of your professors, […]

Ambassador of Peace

Last week, I learned that I have been selected as a 2015 Ambassador of Peace award winner by the Violence Prevention Coalition of Orange County. That’s some pretty cool news! I was nominated by my cousin and friend Darcy Fehringer-Mask*, who won the award herself in 2008 for her work in diversity and anti-bias education, […]

TEDx PasadenaWomen

  Katie, bar the door: I have been invited to speak at TEDx PasadenaWomen. To say I am excited would be an understatement. Achieving this kind of goal—speaking in front of engaged and visionary women at a TEDx event—has been mind-blowing.     What will I be talking about? Well, that’s a secret. What is TEDx PasadenaWomen? […]

You asked. We listened.

You’ve been bugging me for years. So now you can all clam up and put your money where you mouth is. YES, MY SON. WINE IS ONE OF THE FIVE FOOD GROUPS, the definitive collection of my humorous Facebook posts, is available for your Kindle (or your ebook reader on your computer) and in paperback. And while I […]

Larkin’s Gift

It’s too easy to forget that many memories are magic and that a entire lifetime of love can come from something as simple as a Santa Ana neighborhood. This morning, my dad and I went to the funeral of Larkin Bean. He’s the kid in the brown shirt smack in the middle of the front […]

Adios, Br. Thing!

Thomas Thing, a former Franciscan brother, was recently fired from his job as the student activities director at a LA college when details of two child sex abuse lawsuits against him became public. University of the West in Rosemead also got access to more than 500 pages of Thing’s personnel file (released as a part […]

Why Do We Hate Our Girls?

I have built up a pretty thick skin towards institutional misogyny. Growing up Catholic, I was carefully conditioned to accept my lot: I could never be an altar boy; girls were seductive; boys were smarter; positions of power were always held by men; Eve’s sin is my burden; my rolled uniform skirt is the reason […]